My Name

May 17, 2010
In English my name means still. Still as in immobile ; concrete; silent. What this says about me?
This says that the mere fact that I breathe is a blessing. Me being able to run, talk, laugh is grace, magnificent and wonderful. I cherish every tomorrow as the present.
This is the same name that my father had. As far as my father knows, his father had it also, though they never met. Actually my father took his name in an attempt I believe to somewhat clear empty space from his childhood. He got it in document when he was 16, and now I have it as well.
Aside from that my father feels his childhood was rather rough and when having me his first child, he wanted mine to be different. Me being the first, he named me after him being the 2nd ;II. Not a junior but a second because he thought of me as a newer version of himself; a better version, and not just a follow up. In many ways we are the same person yet, we couldn’t be more different. Looking at our baby pictures and up to eleven years old, we look like twins. Like him I hold my opinions strong no matter what anyone says. He is very hot headed; I on the other hand am very calm. Growing up he was a bad ass, I was Mr. goodie 2 shoes.

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