May 12, 2010
I could hear Drue and Brett stumbling and giggling in the distance. I started to speed up when I felt the rain drips on my hair. Will's hand was suddenly wrapped gently over my arm to swing me around to face him. The street was empty and wet and the others voices had gone out of ear shot.
“what?” I giggled and looked up into his face meeting his eyes. He never stopped me to be alone. He leaned down and kissed me and abruptly I knew exactly what I wanted. “it’s my birthday so I want something” I help my breath waiting for him to protest. When he simply nodded I continued. “I want to know exactly how you feel. No down-playing to protect me.” I looked up again to face him and could see he knew what I wanted to hear and for the first and probably only time he intended to give me my way.

“I think about you all the time.” He paused and lifted my chin to look at him. “And I don’t have sex with other girls because I couldn’t if I wanted to. You’re the sexiest girl in the world to me.” He looked up at the sky thinking. “ and…” he stuttered trying to find the words. He used to tell me that every time he says something to me he thinks through it first to be positive it’s the complete truth. He never wanted to lie to me or play with my head. “And as much as I hate admitting this to myself I’m not going anywhere. Not ever. Not without you.”
I was staring into his face. Watching his eyes, searching for answers I’d never find. “Could you love me?” I had asked before but I wanted the truth.
“That’s why I can’t let you go.” He sounded truthful and his eyes were flaming with sincerity. Like he was trying to look honest. He was using his eyes against me, I hate when he does that. But that’s how I knew and without warning I was angry. My mouth filled with acid and my stomach knotted defensively. I was angry with him for not being capable of loving me. I was angry with myself for wanting his love like it was air. But mostly I was angry with Drue for leaving me alone in the dark on my birthday with Casanova.

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