The Game

May 4, 2010
By DanielleMarie SILVER, Brady, Nebraska
DanielleMarie SILVER, Brady, Nebraska
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As I slowly look from side to side I start to wonder how I got to this foreign place. With two little bodies huddling close on each side of me we start to hear the thud of the footsteps. The thuds started to sound like a stampede of mammoths! Chevas whispered, “She’s looking for us.” We all knew what “she” he was talking about, Grammy Ruth, the babysitter we go to everyday when everyone else gets to go to school. We’re hiding from her now; in the best place we could think of.
My lanky milky-white body glows in the darkness as Chevas’s blends right in. His cold hand reaches out to grab mine to keep it from shaking; flinching back in response I finally realize what touched me and take it with gratitude. We wait in silence.
The doorknob starts to wiggle and hush goes throughout the closet as we all start to hold our breath. Light engulfs the old coats and toys we’re hiding behind and we knew that we had been captured. Her sky blue eyes search through the crevices between the button-ups and trouser pants hanging against brick-colored wall. The grayish white hair stands out among her angry reddened face. Smoke flies out her ears as we run through her legs and to our next hiding spot. She slowly walks back to her chair and the counting starts all over again.

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