The Big Picture

May 4, 2010
By tiny4luv SILVER, Maxwell, Nebraska
tiny4luv SILVER, Maxwell, Nebraska
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The glossy sky gleamed more than ever that night; fireflies left streams of lights against the darkness, jumping out into the corner of your eyes. The cool felling of a wet towel settled on our backs as we lay on the trampoline. My brother and I were hypnotized by the never ending sky. Pitch blackness, emptiness, and loneliness lingered, except for the glowing specks of hope, life and the feeling of being surrounded by a crowd instead of an empty stage. Just getting lost in the endless possibilities, my stomach jumped up to my heart there was more I knew it. I wasn’t alone; I couldn’t be. Warmness surrounded me, and life jumped out at me. I realized that sometimes we go through everyday like we are on a lonely stage, looking out only to see the empty chairs. But, there’s so much; we get stuck into a routine instead of realizing just how small we are compared to the stretch of space itself. I was changed and the feeling of warm arms embracing you will never leave my memories

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