The Jump

May 4, 2010
By Timotrhy BRONZE, Randolph, Nebraska
Timotrhy BRONZE, Randolph, Nebraska
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Flying over the trail weaving this way and that avoiding the tall pillars that seemed to touch the sky, I felt like Superman racing to the scene of the crime and saving the day. It was hot outside, but I didn’t care as the wind ran through my sun-bleached hair and the canopy of thick leaves covered me like a blanket, protecting me from the hot, July sun. There was a ramp ahead in the distance but, I was atop a building and planning my jump to the next one to arrive to the scene of the crime.

The tree branches moved as my short, lanky body just missed their still figure. I knew that if I didn’t go fast enough I would not be able to make the jump smoothly and would fall into the busy streets below. I pedaled as fast as I could on my one speed, orange bicycle and imagined I was going as fast as the speed of light. I was dark tan in color from the long, hot days and was awaiting the best jump of my life.

As the jump approached I kept gaining speed until finally I hit the ramp. As I flew through the air I kept my eyes locked forward not wanting to see what was to come if I didn’t make it. I glided through the air like an eagle until finally I came to a gentle landing upon a thin layer of grass and leaves. I had done it! I had successfully made the jump and saved the day. I truly was a hero to the people all around. I got off my bike and walked around viewing my great accomplishment.

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