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May 11, 2010
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When I was 2 years old I lived in Atlantic City I was in my house it was a condo that was dirty, and it was near the board walk. When I was young I didn’t know much at all I used to Rome the street with my white tee and jeans that were light blue and next to me was grand father my mother’s father he was a greet grand father he was 68 years old he used to take care of me, he walk with me on the boardwalk to see some house building and he used to teach me a lot about math, writing, reading and speech and my mom and dad were proud of me for doing all of that. When we came back from the beach he used to sit outside and smoke. When I was young I didn’t know what it was. Then when it was the right time to tell him what it was. Then I said “granddad what are you doing”. He said “smoking”. I said “what is that”. he told me “is like gum, you chew you, liked it, and you wont some more, well this is like it, but it can kill you, and I am to late to stop smoking but you, you have a choice to be like me, or lead your life forever into peace” that really really felt like a punch, because I knew he was about to die, and he knew I wouldn’t smoke at all. A year later my granddad was at the hospital lying in his bed, and all I can think of was why did he do this he was the greatest grandfather ever he had a choice to live forever, but somebody had to force him, or he wonted to. The next day I was sitting next to him, I was talking to him it was hard to talk to him I was crying knowing he would be gone, but I have my parent but he was going to be gone for ever, and ever not seeing him or being with him but he told me he would be with me for ever, and ever inside my heart, and he promise he would be there. Couple months later he died I wasn’t shock or terrified I couldn’t cry and hated my self for not crying but I knew why I didn’t cry because he was inside my heart for ever. After a year we moved to Ventnor.

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