Corner of Return

April 27, 2010
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No more time to waste, just looking out of the window nonetheless. Striving to leave, but it’s not that simple; sitting on the porch, boys come by, hands shake,

“Popping cousin?”

“None,” I just look.

All sit down, no need for words; same question is on all three minds,

“Why’d it have to be?”

After a slight pause, the atmosphere started to feel dense. No more words were spoken for a few minutes, so we all just looked at one another,

“Like wow?” That’s what I managed to say.

We got up and left, set sight was Howard. Our slow steps rejoiced our eager thoughts; as if we hadn’t been in situations time and time again. What could make this any different?

We considered ourselves blood brothers, laughed, and hung-out and argued, heart to heart all the time. But as of now, things seemed grim…unfamiliar.

Maybe things might never be the same again. About a decade and a half of life, spent between us, now fading…Possible? Maybe if this day hadn’t come or falters, a chance still will stand. Thoughts about this are eye blistering, and thoughts like this also become reality.

The sun begins its way back to the horizon, our voices echo throughout the empty streets.


Time passes.

We end up back at my place, but this time with smirks. Music starts playing, jokes are being told;

“Oh how moments like this will never get old”.

What could it be that changed the mood who knows?

“I think we’ve forgotten who we were for a while.”

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