My Brother Jack

April 26, 2010
By RayneRain3 BRONZE, Orillia, Other
RayneRain3 BRONZE, Orillia, Other
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I’d been babysitting till 12:30 in the morning at my dad’s sister’s house. She had two kids. Dad picked me up at the house. Now let me tell you, my mom was pregnant and this was the birth I wanted to watch. So I went home, got ready for bed, put my cream on my face which looked like little polka dots on my face. At 2:30 A.M. my mother started having contractions. So we rushed to the hospital. My mom usually gives birth pretty fast so I didn’t think to bring a book. A kind gentleman that didn’t work at the hospital handed us a wheelchair. My mom sat in it and she was rushed to the maternity ward. They got my mom in a bed, and put an I.V. drip in her hand or arm. Well I can’t be too descriptive about this, (you mothers know what happens.) My mom asked the midwife for an epidural. The ‘pain in the gluts’ midwife stated that my mom was going to be fine and that she can get the baby out and withstands the pain.

So there was me in the room hearing my mom stating she can’t get the baby out. My dad was at her side holding a cup of water. My mom would squeeze my dad’s hand when she was about to push. So I wondered around the hospital looking at things. I nearly fell asleep in this relaxing chair in the room. Nurses looked at me strange till 5:00 in the morning. Then a Registered Nurse asked if everything was okay on my face. I looked in the mirror and realized my face cream was still on! I took off the little white polka dots. At 7:50am I went down to Timmies and got myself a strawberry cream cheese bagel and a hot chocolate replacing my coffee.

By the time I got back my brother had been born. I can’t remember his birth weight for the life of me but he was pretty cute for a boy. I was shocked that it was a boy because usually when you have 2 girls, you’re likely to have another girl! So I accepted the fact it was a boy and called my grandparents and told them everything I could about the new baby boy. I was so tired I could barely stay awake. I saw my mom’s placenta and it wasn’t a pretty sight at that time of morning, which was 8:19. So I started walking to my Nana’s almost falling down to rest near the hospital. When I got there, Nana asked me a bunch of questions. I asked her if I could have some juice and sleep before questions. She said yes. So I slept 4 hours and got up. I then walked back home and my parents weren’t home yet. My brother was born with colic. He was a pretty smiley baby though.
Unfortunately now, my brother is a stinky turkey brain who is so ADORABLE.

The author's comments:
Let's just say I was pretty tired for 3 weeks. Memories are one of my favorite things. I don't want to forget them

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