Sunny Day Turned Cold

May 1, 2010
Is it possible to be warm and cold at the same time? It seems to be an almost perfect beach day; hot sand, balmy sun on my back, and sunglasses dimming my view of the clear blue waves. The only flaw on this painting is the dark rain clouds, threatening us as if it was closing in by the second. The cool and slick water swiftly dances across my toes, like the little girl in every dance recital who’s always a count behind. Seemingly out of nowhere I find goose bumps crawling up my arms. My sisters skip in front of my mom and I, splashing in the edges, and my brother straggles along behind us. He picks up rocks, jumps and has several unsuccessful attempts of kicking water at me.

The rocks to our right are huge boulders that must’ve been here since the beginning of time. They vary in shape and size, but serve as a wall and border from the beach to the rest of the busy human world. There’s beachcombers taking a rest and tourists taking pictures; everyone separated from the distractions of modern life and the city we’re in. All of the worries of the world don’t matter right now, and it feels free; like a bald eagle soaring in the bright blue sky on a sunny day. The smooth yet grainy sand filters between my toes, like pasta through a colander. The fizz of the ocean’s waves spreads over my feet but then returns home as quickly as it came.

Suddenly, I realize that the dark clouds have crept up on us. The waves begin crashing faster and faster, and my legs feel drops of water from the waves. All of a sudden, the greatest wave yet occurs. It sprints with the force of a tree falling in the forest, and a wave crashing against my legs. It sprays up to my face, and I grab a tight hold onto my brother, the only way to keep me from falling down. I look over and see my little sister under the water near the rocks, eyes closed shut.

“SOPHIE!” My mom screams. My siblings and I immediately run over to pull my sister out of the water. The whole world feels like a blur. My mind is spinning as fast as wheels on a racecar. We search her for bruises or bleeding but luckily find none. Sophie opens her eyes almost as if to prove that she’s okay, but we’re still frightened. I carry my sister back to the car as my mom gathers our things. The shiver running through my spine is petrifying. This sunny day has turned completely cold.

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