True Hometown

April 12, 2010
My life felt like a puzzle piece had fallen into place, till the last day of my visit. I visited my family in China for the second time at the age of 10. Yeah, I held back those tears, but the feeling I had at the time was that everything seemed just right. Hating the feeling of being at the airport just to say bye and to go back to America was the horrible ‘I will miss you so much’ type of bye, but see, saying goodbye was the worst part of any relationship. This ‘bye’, I couldn’t face that to all my cousins, aunts, and uncles, with the tears that I felt like dropping.

Our trip to China was too much fun for my family and I. We had our moments of revisiting everyone we had connections to, and catching up with family and family friends. It would have to be the most memorable vacation I had. We traveled around town; we even traveled to Hong Kong. But the most together family event we had was especially eating our stomachs out –almost till our belt straps were the furthest it could be loosened! I loved moments like these where family is family, and doing whatever we wanted to wouldn’t matter. Being with my extended family in China was also easier to forget anybody I was missing in America. Three weeks were passing by so fast, and I just wanted to make time go slow. By that time, we were at the airport.

“Come on let’s go, the plane is boarding,” my mom said.

I just wanted to scream out that I wanted to stay with everyone here, in China.

We sat at the airport on our last day. I sulked around, looking all sad, and childish, flashing back to the day we first stepped off the plane, onto the land of China with the thick pollution inhaling through my nose; or the musty gray air above my head, many clouds, no sun, and just to see my uncle walking towards us. I wasn’t giving my best smile at all, but my mom’s face had the most biggest smile I ever seen her with. I didn’t have the feeling of family love because I hadn’t seen or talked to him since I was 6. But because of my three-week visit, I wish I could’ve redone the whole first day of my vacation to China and gave my uncle the most biggest smile, and hug ever –I really do miss that place, my true hometown.

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