And all that drama!

April 24, 2010
I have always had diverse interests. Ask my friends; in any given day of the week, I would be liable to talk about the randomest topic under the sun. Just recently, I was debating with a friend on whether the coast of Britain is infinite (it is!) or whether or not it is possible to imagine nothing (it isn’t!).

My long term interests have never been so keenly defined. The business and the engineering worlds have waged a tug-of-war battle with my mind; they provided a focus all throughout my life. Recently, however, travelling through the abysses of life, I have taken up one more hitchhiker: drama. Were I to think Business and Engineering as real entities (which I do, by the way), they would be ferocious wolves, shackles raised against the pallid youth that is drama.

I know it is not likely I devote the rest of my life to the theatrical arts, but I also know it isn’t a spur-of-the-moment thing. As I choose to continue drama for the rest of my high school life, I keep thinking that drama would be another channel in which I can express myself. Of course, there is no drama in the laboratory but seriously, acting is very therapeutic for me. When you get up on the stage, you literally forget everything and just be. Very Zen (not sure of the proper use of the word, sorry).

I think drama would add spice to my monotonous salt and pepper life. Lord knows I need some more excitement. There is never something fun as hurling two metaphorical polar opposites to clash against each other and in the ensuing battle feel glad to be alive.

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