The unexpected good bye

April 9, 2010
By Anonymous

Ever since I could remember my cousin Luis and I were so close that we were more like brothers. My cousin and I would do everything together such as having sleep over’s, playing Nintendo ,fighting, and finally one of our favorite hobbies was playing ball tag for hours.

One of my favorite memories I had with him was when I was six an he was eight; it all started at my house where all my family was, they where there because every weekend my mom would always invite them for a “Carne Asada” get together where all the family shared stories of childhood memories as well as the adults getting drunk and giving the little ones money for no apparent reason, which I always took advantage of. At the get together my cousin Jose who was sixteen back then decided to take us to the back of the house and hands Luis and I two pairs of boxing gloves that he had in his car expecting us to “Scrap” to death. At first, I was really nervous because Luis was such a good fighter and quick too but I usually had the advantage on my enemies’, especially since I was really small and hard to handle at difficult situations. My ironic idea that I had when I fought was that if I wore my “Pikachu” slippers that suppose ably “Pikachu” was going to come and give me all his powers in order for me to be a strong fighter and unstoppable to beat.

The gloves that Jose gave me were so immense and annoying that I had trouble putting them on. When all of the sudden my instincts warn me that I’m about to get “Deck” in the face and little did I know I was already on the floor crying with a bloody nose. “Ha-ha you got knocked out son!” Sais Jose laughing, Luis then comes rushing towards me and tells me if I’m “Ok?” at that very moment I’m covering my nose that is covered in blood; I respond to him and say “You are no longer my friend, I hate you Luis!” with tears bursting out of his eyes Luis takes this response deeply and feels reluctant of what he has done. When I see him crying I felt empathy for him, because we didn’t usually get mad at each other like that and if we did we didn’t really mean it. “I’m really sorry Gsus, I didn’t mean to hurt you” he tells me, I look at him and realize that he didn’t really mean it so, what I do is I apologized to him for what I said and wipe the blood I had all over my face with my shirt; we then run off to the kitchen where ice-cream was already waiting for us.

The next day Luis calls me around 9:30 A.M, and tells me that he had found something? I was like “Well what it is?” You better tell me what you found or I’m not going “Foo.” “Dude just come and stop being such a little girl and stop wining about it!” he tells me, I then tell him why his being so rude to me and if he wants to that I’m up for another round in the back of my house. “Ha-ha, calm down Gsus don’t make me punch you again oh, wait let me just repeat myself PUNCH-YOU-IN-THE FACE again!” he tells me laughing out of control; when he said to facilitate you best believe I got so pissed that I started screaming and threatening him over the phone, when out of no where I start hearing a really weird sound? I then come to my senses and realize that he had just hanged up on me. I put on my slippers and run off to his house expecting that perhaps I would eventually die this day since he never told me what he had found. I get to his front porch and I see him sitting outside his door, I then enter the “Battle zone” since I never knew what kind of sick minded joke or perhaps corrupt activity may occurred. He then hands me a “Black” box and dares me to open it I then tell him “Double dog dare me and I will do it” I tell him with a positive attitude” I double triple infinity dog dare you to do it, and if you don’t you like girls” he tells me expecting me to do so. I grab the box and experiment it for a little bit and when I was about to open it he yells out “It’s a bomb” I quickly throw the box unto the floor and dash to a near thrash can that he had in his law. When I look back to see if he was ok I see him laughing I then tell him “Dude that was not funny at all!” he then rapidly responds to me and tells me “Gsus you should of seen your face you looked so scared just like the one time that one dog chased you down the street!” with a inpatient attitude I respond to him and say “Oh my God shut up that dog wasn’t even chasing me he was following me around!” “Ok,Ok” he sais I was just kidding around anyway lets just go and have some fun lets ask my mom if she could take us somewhere, lets say “Chucky Cheeses” “yeah!” that sound fun I tell him lets go. That day was an awesome day we had so much fun but unfortunately sometimes good times end up taking a bad twist.

Saturday morning came and I been looking forward to this day. The reason why I enjoyed Saturdays allot was because cartoons were usually on early in the morning like around 7:00 A.M; and my other second, reason was because my family and I and of course Luis were usually out all day. That Saturday after noon like around 6:30 P.M I get a blocked call? At first I was really exited since I never had one of those calls for the past four weeks. I quickly answer and say”Que quieres?” the unknown caller replies to me saying “7days” I then tell him 7 days for what? The voice again but this time in a low voice and says “7days” I then answer him a bit confused and tell him “Did you say what day is it?” “Oh my God” says the caller “How stupid can you be?” he tells me, I then question the caller and ask who is calling I then realize that it was my cousin Luis, he then tells me if I still remember watching “Scary movie 2?” I told him that I did remember and then he explains to me about the whole “7days” thing. We both start laughing and remembering the part where Cindy gets terrified about the phone call that she gets where the caller does the same thing to her too. Luis then invites me to go to his house since he and the neighborhood kids were about to play “Ball tag” and he wanted me to go and join them, with out a second thought I rush out the door and head towards his house not expecting what was about to occurred that will change my life for good.

When I get there I see ambulances, cops, the news reporter lady, and the fire department that eventually was with Luis’s mom at that moment giving her oxygen since she couldn’t breathe. I crept closer to the scene and as I came closer I saw friends, family, and even those neighbors who are really nosy and who exaggerate everything they see at a situation like this. As I watched and observed I see that my friend Alex is crying like I never seen him before at that time, he was only seven years old, what I do is I ask him what’s going on he looks at me and nods his head and starts crying even more. I grab him from his shoulders and tell him “Please tell me what’s going on?” he then tell me that Luis got rand over by a “Red truck” that was going fast and he didn’t really see Luis and hit him in the head making him bleed from his side of the head and mouth. When Alex said “Bleeding from the Side of his head and mouth” I screamed and the only thing that I could think of in that moment was is he going to make it?

With desperation I ran to his house just thinking is my best friend going to die? I get to the front porch of his house in search for him but as I ran to his house I still remember seeing several blood streaks on the road, and a small puddle of blood two feet way from his house as I try to get in, to look for him with all this people getting in my way a police officer quickly grabbed me and told me that I couldn’t be here right now and that this area is off limits for little kids. I told him that I was looking for my cousin Luis and he responded saying that he will be ok and not to worry about it; I took his word and I sat down on the other street just crying and crying when all of a sudden “Viridiana” appears who is Luis’s older sister who is now twenty one comes and just hugs me which made me cry even more and she was crying too, I still remember laying on her arm and she was talking to me saying “ Don’t worry he will be ok Luis is a strong little boy” I then tell her what had happened to him. “She told me she wasn’t outside when it all happened but she said that Alex told her that a red truck was going a bit fast and when Luis was about to get off the street the truck hit him and threw him over the neighbors house”.

That day there were a lot of thing going on and I just wanted everything to end, I asked myself if this is all a dream? Or can Luis just be playing around; so many questions came across my mined that those entire questions left me wondering if anything happens to him I will commit suicide. We finally arrive to an aunt of mine house and than again total chaos it seemed like a river of problem wouldn’t stop coming, I still have memories of my family crying some of them were praying and others were lighting candles and some were simply taking action and calming everybody down.

The next Sunday morning I wake up and everybody is gone. I was assuming that they had probably went to go pick up Luis from the hospital but only faith could decide that. I quickly went to the kitchen to go get something to eat and I see that I’m stuck with the younger kids and that special some one who I literally hate until this day “Hugo” was his name he was seventeen and he made my life a living hell not only was he my cousin but he scared me for life. His so called “visits” to my room would eventually lead to “Sexual Abuse”. At 1:35pm I get devastating news my cousin Luis at 8:45 A.M died on a Monday morning something that I wish I never heard my mom tell anyone who didn’t get to go see him. The doctor notified my mother and my aunt that Luis had lost a lot of blood and that the impact that he received was t o strong for him to survive and in that same day he had suffered from three comas.

His funeral was coming pretty soon and I didn’t attend it. Why? Because I didn’t want to say good bye to a friend who meant so much to me and who in fact still miss until this day. I still feel like if someone took him away from me too early and decided to see me go threw this dilemma and watch me suffer from it. Hatred, loneliness, confusion, and a broken heart consumed me in a small age making me go threw a major depression that would soon lead me to hating my self and others.

From this experience I could tell you that his death showed me a lot of things hat people take for granted. Life is such a precious thing that God gave us and we should learn how to value it and show people that life is not just about suffering and remembering tragic scenes but, it’s about learning how to love one another and learning to share good and healthy relation ships.

The author's comments:
well my name is Gsus im currently 17 right now and living life to the fullest.The thing that inspired me to write this memoir was because theres sometimes hard situations that one goes threw life that sometimes those preoblems bring us down.

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