My best friend and I

March 23, 2010
By Anonymous

My friends complete me.
I only have one best friend that is like a sister to me, but I also have many friends that are the greatest people, they make me laugh and are always there for me,
I love them all!

I met my best friend in 6thgrade; we didn’t become friends right away.
It started by being put next to her in choir class, both being very talkative and sitting at the end of the row, There was no one else to talk to so we talked to each other. Then we started sitting together at lunch and we became regular friends.

6thgrade camp was when we actually started calling each other best friends; we were putting our stuff in our cabin when I found out something that made me fall apart, and she was right there sitting next to me, hugging me and telling me it will be ok and that she’s always there for me, and that day I truly knew she was my best friend.
Our camp consoler Chad gave us our first nicknames. Since I had a pop tart hat and for the reason that he thinks I’m Emo, he called me “Emo tart” and that was my first nickname. Alaina got her nickname “B.M” (meaning “Big Mouth”) for the reason that she is loud and sassy.
This year we have been inseparable. We have learned a lot more about each other and closer to each other then our family. Now we have new nicknames for each other. She calls me “Juno”. I now call her “Herveinya”.

We wrote a song together about our friendship.

School is crap. No one cares about this drama, if you need someone to talk to go cry to your mama, unless you have a friend like mine.
She and I are two of a kind, the flavor to my day, the chicken packet to my plain ramen noodles. Tears we've cried were always dried by each others laughs about nothing.
Though our looks have changed we're still the same.
People laugh at us in gym class, point at us in the hall ways, but only cause they are jealous of our coolness. So many inside jokes there are too many to count.
Incense and drawing, old people perfume and eyeliner sharing,
we're about the only people in the world who don’t find each other annoying.
Downtown fun, we eat ice cream in the winter.
Drinking frappe's in our pajama's kool-aid man took my cookie dough while I was in the bathroom. Bet less Joe and Janice are cartoons we drew together. With out BOTH OF US in the same class, gym and speech and drama would have never been the same and Mr. Anderson would still be sane. 6thgrade camp Emo tart and big mouth always trash talked Chad, sasquach really needs to pull up his pants. We went canoeing in the rain and Building forts in the woods. Horse riding failure and to afraid of heights to go on the zip line, first day of camp it was a mess but we left with everything under control. Emo tart or Juno, b.m.b or herveinya, Jenna or alaina no matter what we're called they know our names. We're known across the city as the crazy “annoying” idiots that can never be split apart.

Dear alaina,
No matter how sad I am I’ll always try be happy so I don’t bring you down with me. You can always tell me what's wrong so I’ll know how to help. When I say you're my best friend, I freaking mean it girly. I know I get annoying and I can say stupid things, and I’m sorry but I always catch myself when I do. I have no Idea what I would do with out you to talk to. I want you to know, no matter who breaks your heart or makes you cry, I WILL NOT! But I will make sure they feel really bad for what they did to you.

Dear Jenna,
I love you and I mean it, if anyone messes with you they mess with me and if they do I am going to tear their heads off there body and eat their brains like a zombie. You are my best friend and I will love you forever and I promise to never shun you again. People don't understand you the way I do. I know you so well that you don’t even have to tell me cause I already guessed by the look on your face. I will always be here, no matter how annoying I can be I am always going to be on your side. I say I don’t l-o-v-e anyone that I L-u-v them, But I might as well love you.

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