April 6, 2010
By Anonymous

Now as a Junior I sit down at my desk in room 35. I look down and in front of me lies the bright yellow application sheet, titled Yearbook Editor Application Form. For the past three years in high school my time, dedication and passion have been taken over by this crazy class. Remembering all the times I had and the people I met have me wanting to sign as the new editor in chief. Confident in the accomplishments I have fulfilled in the past I still wonder if I have what it take to be the leader in that class and manage time for everything else. I never thought that this would be the position I would sign up for my senior year. Being main editor in yearbook is big! In the end everything comes down on you and you are expected to make up for others mistakes. But each year learning more and more from the class I realized I wanted to be just like the leaders from the past and believe I have the drive to take over the position. So I sit in my chair confused and thinking to myself, is this what I really want to do next year? Can I handle the responsibility? But most importantly, can I be the leader for the next students next year? I wonder since I follow the steps of others will people follow mine.
Yearbook became a big part of my life coming into high school. I could remember sitting in the counselor’s office debating whether or not the class was for me. I really thought the class would be a “waste” of my time and just wasn’t interested. But I took my counselor’s word and signed up for it anyways. Not knowing that that class would end up being what I enjoyed the most. The things I have learned in yearbook have helped me in many ways; socially, mentally and physically. I learned that you can’t always count on everyone and it’s important to pull your own weight. And in the end it isn’t about who did what, the bickering you had to go through or who befriended who to get things done. You easily see that when the book is done that the experiences only better you or strengthen you for next years to come. Many don’t see how awesome the experience is until they take the class and that’s how it became my life.

Freshmen year I had no idea what I was getting into and I got to say it was pretty rough. By far the class was a bit overwhelming for me. One day it was the first time I ever learned how to write copy. Copy is the a couple short paragraphs describing the main subject of the page. I was completely out of place and had no idea what I was doing and to top it off I was the only what they call “frosh”. Our editors’ told us we could take our papers home and turn them I the following class. So I follow their instructions took my paper home and worked all night on it. In the end it was only one paper but I was confident it was good enough especially for being my first time. Next class, excited to turn in my copy I glanced at others’. They were pages long! But I paid no attention and turned it in. Towards the end of the class one of my editors’ came to me with what I thought was my perfect copy. It was now cover in the famous green ink. I doubt anyone could read my paper after the things she wrote up and down my paper. After she talked about how much my paper sucked and walking away carelessly, I simply nodded my head and walked out of the class. I literally broke down and cried. All my hard work apparently wasn’t good enough and I seriously thought the class wasn’t for me. To top it off it was barely my first week of the year long class. Now I look back on it and realize it wouldn’t have been so hard if I just asked questions. Now many people come to me when they are stuck on copy because of the struggles I went through, I know it can be difficult and try to help others as much as I can. It’s always good to get to know each other and it’s how you come close with one another. And that is exactly how I met some of my best friends. They helped me get through a lot in the class and I knew I wanted to take it again my sophomore year.

Sophomore year I finally realized why I truly love yearbook. It became more than just a class it was became my second home. I was always eager to re-enter room 35. I saw the struggles new people had and knew I wanted become some kind of editor position in the following years but knew I had to show I deserved it. That year was the best. We had only a staff of eleven and we still managed to keep up with all the work. At times the tension in the room was crazy. People would argue, yell, scream and almost fight. And this is exactly how I figured out what was the first editors position I wanted. I realized I was good at taking pictures and felt as if it was my passion. I felt like I had all the qualities I needed to handle the position.

It was towards the end of winter because we were working on the basketball pages and the photo editor of that year replaced one staff members work with pictures that she took. It wasn’t the fact that she had changed them; the problem was the pictures she replaced them with were even worse. The staff members name was Chris and we sat next to each other. We looked over the page and I was talking about how bad the pictures were but not to worry because I had taken pictures and they were way better. Leaning into our conversation she began talking stuff and I was not going to have it. Deadlines needed to be met and this situation was holding us back. I told her she was just making things worse and that she wasn’t helping at all. However I remained calm, until she decided to name call and putting her hand in my face. I stood up in frustration because she was blowing things out of proportion. I pushed my chair back and it fell over. I stood over her as she sat in her chair yelling back at her. I told her not to test me and she kept putting her hand in my face. So I told her to get out of her chair and do it again, she refused. We yelled at each other back and forth as I told her that if she going to erase someone’s work and plug in pictures on their page she best be plugging in some bomb pictures. Finally I was ready to kill her and my editor in chief sent me out to take a break. Frustrated, standing outside I was so mad I could not stop shaking. My editor came out to talk to me and I became calmer. Although the strange thing was that while we were arguing no one had said anything. It was obvious everyone was fed up with the way she worked and really did make more work for the other ten of us. I still laugh at that till this day but I did feel bad afterwards. I did the right thing and apologized to her at our yearbook banquet at the end of the year. However, on that day I knew I could take quality pictures, help others and had the dedication to take pictures when others couldn’t take them. So I knew for my Junior I wanted the photo editor position and was ready to take on the responsibilities. And so I followed through, at the end of that year I singed the bright yellow sheet and wrote why I wanted to be the photo editor my junior year. My teacher Ms. Shorbe granted my wish and made me an editor.

My junior year experience was a lot different. As a returning student again we were all given the name “Shorblings”. We’re like Shorbe’s babies so that’s the name we picked. I was looked up to a lot and finally seen why some of the editors kept to themselves. Days I want to strangle people and some the work is just insane. But knowing that I am good at what I do and knowing I can pick up the slack is awesome. I’ve always wanted to be a leader and be able to help others. This year I have learned the most and now realize that I am willing to take even more responsibilities. I have followed the steps of my editors in the past and really do believe I can handle things next year. This year being photo editor has made a big impact on my life but I am now positive I want to be editor in chief next year. I literally live and breathe yearbook. Some days I have no lunch hour and have to miss other classes or come in on weekends. In the back of my head I think about it all the time and guarantee I have printed layouts everywhere. But throughout my high school time I haven’t been this dedicated and interested in anything. It’s crazy how something so small can change everything. However the experience is great. I have become mature, responsible, and most importantly self-contained. I’ll always have the memories throughout my life. I could never forget the job number I entered everyday to get to my layout, 6758.

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