Is This Our Last Stop

April 5, 2010
By Anonymous

Tucson, Arizona. The heat, the cactus, the scary lizards. This is where I live. Unfortunately I haven’t lived here all my life. I was born in San Bernardino California I don’t remember that much because I was little, plus we lived there only for 3 years. One important thing that I haven’t forget is when got baptize I remember going to church and there were a lot of children dress in white. I remember being really scare because I didn’t know what was going on when my godmother took me with the father I was really scare I started screaming and kicking and I could see the father with his arms stretched out like if he was going to hug me and I wanted to go sit back down when he grabbed me in his arms and pour some water on my head I was like I already took a shower at my casa. When I went sit back down with my parents my mom said “ya se te salio el Diablo” and I was like “mentirosa yo no tenia el Diablo adentro”. She was joking around. After I got baptize I had a party woooohoooo I love parties since I was little I remember that in my party people were bringing me presents in my mind I was asking myself why are they bringing me presents it’s not my birthday I guess it’s a tradition that Latinos have. I was going to ask my mom why are people bringing me presents but I was scared that they would take my presents away so I shut my mouth and smile and say ha more presents for me. Another important event that happen in California was my little sister being born I love her she’s a really nice person she’s always there for me helps me with anything that I need.
She doesn’t have any memories growing up in California because we move to Henderson Nevada I hated it there the house that we lived in was in the middle of nowhere and in the night I heard footsteps and someone whistling. I was really scared but the good news was that we were moving to Las Vegas I was happy because I didn’t have to keep leaving in that scary house. Las Vegas was different because I liked the apartment where we were living and I started going to school making new friends learning English. It was so much fun I had a friend that her name was la mocosa jajaja she was really cool she was a tomboy and I would go with her to play soccer with her guy friends. The school was awesome my teachers were awesome they were patience and they helped me with my English. Another reason I loved Vegas was that every night my dad took my mom me and my brothers out to the casinos and my brothers and I would play the games and win a lot of prizes I was happy because we had a good life we didn’t have to worry about anything and I loved to see my parents love each other. That didn’t last too long because one morning my mom had a lot of suitcases in the living room I asked her “were you going “and she said “no I’m not going anywhere were all moving” I was devastated because my dad wasn’t moving with us because him and my mom were getting divorce that was one of the worst days of my life. We got dressed and we got the bus to Mexico this time I wasn’t exited because my dad wasn’t going with us he was staying when I said bye to my dad I was crying nonstop he was one of the most important people in the world. Everywhere he went I went with him.
When we got to Mexico it was so different because hello it’s a different country that means different culture. That’s how it was we had to learn the Mexican way of living it was hard because we were use to the American style of living. We lived with my grandma she nice with me and my brothers but as the time pass she started being really demanding with us. Anyways we didn’t spend that much time in the house because we went to school and we spend a lot of time in school. I loved it but I didn’t want to be that exited cause I was scare that my mom would say were moving so I tried to make the best of it. I made friends again and learned Spanish well I knew a little bit but I was forgetting it because I was learning English. Anyways I was right we moved to Nogales and we spend there only 2 months it was hell. After Nogales we moved to phoenix. We lived with my aunt she was a really mean person she didn’t like my mom or us. The good thing is that we moved again to Tucson and this is where I’ve been living I love it here I made new friends I love them Mayra and Magaly their awesome they make me smile every day. I hope that we stay here and don’t move again I don’t want to be like the nomads I want a permanent home and I hope that this is our last stop.

The author's comments:
To whom it may concern,
I am writing this letter to ask you to consider my short memoir, Is This Our Last Stop? for your magazine teenink. My memoir is revolves around me and how I dealt with my parents’ divorce and the move I had to make to Mexico. It demonstrates how I learned about life from another culture. How everyone in this world is different and we don’t believe in the same things. And how the Mexican culture differentiates from the American life style.
What makes my memoir different from others is the fact that my story has excitement, comedy and depressing moments. Through this memoir I have the ability to show the lifestyle of a real teenage girl, and I believe myself to be real. I love dance and have fun. My motto in life is that life is harsh, live it to its fullest. I try to live up to my and the worlds expectations while enjoying it.
Tied to this letter is a copy of Is This Our Last Stop? and a brief autobiography.

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