How I Got Him

April 5, 2010
By Fallenangel0885 BRONZE, Tucson, Arizona
Fallenangel0885 BRONZE, Tucson, Arizona
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Have you ever wondered why you get so attached to someone? Maybe it is because this person is so much like you… or maybe it is because you’re completely different from each other. I believe that I have found my perfect match. Unsure of what keeps us together, we fit together like two puzzle pieces. It’s like we were made for each other.
So, it was a day like any other, or so I thought. I was hanging out with my friend Kirsten; she had black hair and dressed in black with chains on her clothes. I have known her sense kindergarten. I was dressed in a “ A is for Angel”; shirt and I looked very girly. We were walking around the jr. high one morning and we stopped at the “Goth Box,” the Goth box is this place out side of the auditorium at the jr. high and were all the Goth weird kids hang out. We stopped and she introduced me to this boy named Chris, he had short hair with glasses and was dressed in all black too he looked like he fit there. Then Kirsten said “Chris this is my friend Julia.”
“Hello,” he replied.
“Hi,” I answered shyly. I didn’t really think anything of it, he was just some guy Kirsten knew not like he would be my boyfriend or anything. Bout that time the bell rang and we went to class, that was the end of it … or so I thought.
The next time I saw him was the first day of school, in Miss Outlaw’s biology class. He had changed a lot he; was in a polo and had long hair. He was the only person I recognized that day in that class so I was automatically drawn to him. So I said, “Hi Chris.”
He looked at me funny and was like, “Uh hi?” He had no idea who I was.
Later we realized that we were the only freshmen in the whole class so he began to work with me, and we became lab partners. One day he came in to class with his hair all cut off, and that was the day that I learned that he was in JROTC, not that I knew what that was at the time.
A little while after that we started hanging out with this junior named Brie, she and I soon found out that he had an evil girlfriend named Jordan… Her eyes were like daggers, piercing anyone whom was friends with Chris. Her mood swings would give you whiplash or even break your neck. She would look at you with a murderous smile just to see your downfall.
One day it was raining, and I was playing in the water. While waiting for the school bus that Chris and I ride, my hair got all wet and very messy. When the bus finally came and I was getting on Chris complemented “Your hair is very pretty like that =)”.
“Umm thank you?” I answered. I wasn’t sure why he said that all and all I was very confused.
Towards January of 2008 I joined the schools production of the Music Man , and while working on it I got sick and lost my voice so I missed about a week of school. Except Thursday January 30th, for the Jonas Brothers. But then I missed the Friday cause I lost my voice again. A few weeks later my step dad died. I missed about a week of school for that too. So I texted Brie and asked her how things were going, there was nothing eventful. Toward the beginning of March I obtained Chris’ phone number. We texted off and on until my texting was canceled.
The day before spring break it hit me like a bunch of bricks. I was totally into this guy and he was totally the perfect guy for me. But the one problem was his wicked girlfriend the evil Jordan. Well that day after school he rode the bus home with me and got off at my stop. I was so happy, he told me that he was going to his uncle’s house who lived across from Laguna elementary school. I didn’t care I was so happy, I just had to get my feelings out some how. So I found an empty spiral notebook and began writing my first, personal journal ever! Even though I only wrote about how much I was into him.
That night I want to Patagonia with my cousin because she lived up there. I wote the whole way there when I had light and listened to love music on my Mp3 player, it was mostly Jesse Mccartney. That night I wrote some more I felt like I was floating on air. In the morning I couldn’t wait to get back to Tucson, it took forever to get to leave cause my cousin took us to the park there I was so impatient I couldn’t sit still. I wrote all the way home.
When we finally got back to town I called my best friend Stephanie; she has red hair, blue eyes and is a big girl bit I still love her to death. She came over we walked to the park and I used her phone to text Chris all that day. On Monday he came to the park and we hung out he had his butterfly knife and I was just talking to him. That was the day I realized that he really liked me too. I spent the night at Stephanie’s house that night and we gossiped and I wrote and wrote. That whole week we hung out and got to know each other more and more. One day that week he came to my house and met my mom and my cousin. That was an interesting day because they wouldn’t stop talking about him and who he was.
After spring break was Festival Under the Stars, the night Chris was supposed to break up with Jordan. He didn’t do it that night, actually it was the first night that I ever saw him hold her hand. I was very mad at that point, and I wasn’t sure what was going to happen with us. He told me this that Monday, “I was going to break up with her but her parents were there and I didn’t want to cause too much drama.”
I didn’t want to hear it I was mad and I told him, “You have one week to break up with her or we will NEVER be together!”
He made me wait until Wednesday before he broke up with her I was not very happy until he did it. The rest of that week we hung out at lunch and he and I would kiss and hold hands like we were together but he was waiting for a special day to do it.
On April 11, 2008, he took me aside and we went for a walk. We walked all of campus and we ended up in the center of the bleachers by the football field and at 12:15pm he asked me to be his girlfriend.
“Yes I will!” I cheered I was so happy and we were now officially together and perfectly matched.
Now looking back on what happened , Chris he says that he has loved me since the first day of freshman year. That makes me so happy and even though we fight and argue like an old married couple, we know that we are still happily in love and perfectly matched. We now know that one day we will be married, because we have about two years now under our belts. Together we can accomplish anything.

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this is for my boyfriend about our time together

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