April 1, 2010
By AMeyer SILVER, Sussex, Wisconsin
AMeyer SILVER, Sussex, Wisconsin
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Cold, short sleeves, in the cold. One foot goes in front of the other. Shoes splash into the melting snow and mud. Just warm enough to melt all day. It is getting cold again. No sidewalks as I walk along that cold divided road. I can’t wait to get home. Arms start to freeze and I’m becoming weary. I start to walk a little faster. I become so cold I can’t stand it much longer. My arms slide into my tee. It has to be colder. It feels like it is negative three now.
I cross the road, halfway there. My feet start to hurt. Arms go red, very numb. I can’t stand it much longer. Vision blurry. I need to get home fast. Cars drive by like nothings there. Getting hungry, see the lights, just under three miles to go. I can see the new bank that went up and the Mc. Donalds on the right. I’m way too cold to not stop.
I keep thinking, “Walgreens here I come!” Feeling dead arms now hanging. I get inside the warm store and my arms go into shock. They are a wine red. I ask were the bathroom is. I go in and turn the cool water on. It feels warm, almost too warm. I slowly gain feeling and then walk past the peeps. I buy a pack of gum. I go towards the doors still cold. I still have 2 miles. I start walking out the door. The cold wind hits me, my face drops. “I hope I make it home.”

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