Adventures with the Franks

March 31, 2010
By Ari111 BRONZE, Cedarburg, Wisconsin
Ari111 BRONZE, Cedarburg, Wisconsin
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The frank kids and I are best friends. We are just like siblings, and can tell each other our deepest secrets. Well like you probably know we go on A-LOT of funny adventures together!! On our adventures, we always fun into really strange things! It is so weird and mysterious!! Now I will tell you two things the Franks and I have done together in the past year!

Part: 1 Root beer
On a hot summer day Jami, Peytin, and I were board at my house. We just had snow cones, and played in the pool. Than the idea struck Peytin… “Let’s make a mixture, and sell it”!!! “Great idea” Jami and I said!! So we started mixing. We mixed mud, and water together, and decided to call it root beer. We went around my neighbor hood and said… “Root beer for sale, root beer for sale who wants to try a nice cold sip of root beer? You can also get a nice yummy sample for FREE! Who would want to have yucky mucky water when you can have a sip of gold!” “Come try our yummy root beer right now”!! After saying our chant a lot, we were getting happy because little neighbor kids a-lot younger than us around from age three to age five were begging there moms for our disgusting mucky fake root beer . It was so funny to watch. They even had money in their hands! But when the moms saw that the ROOTBEER was just old mucky water in an old milk jug the kids were disappointed so were the parents. It was still funny though. Even when we cut through my neighbor Lauren’s yard (she is 5 years old and was begging her mom for our root beer!) her mom said… “That’s not root beer that is just mud and water!” We said “No” and just laughed hysterically! Than suddenly my neighbor who is around age eight heard and saw us selling our fake muddy water!!! She walked over and said she wanted to try it! We didn’t want to poison her because it was just suppose to be a joke! Than she started to whine so we decided to let her try our mucky water for free! The mud was organic though so it wouldn’t poison her!! We pored some water in a plastic disposable cup and she drank it up in a heartbeat! We were laughing so hard that we were about to puke! It was so funny! Than actually she said it was god and she said “more more” she loved our mucky water so much!! Than we pored her more and she was delighted! Than after her 3rd full cup of root-beer we ran off before her mom saw us and yelled at us for giving her sweet little girl a cup of muck! We laughed as we ran off back to my house and decided the next type of drink will be sweet tart lemonade! (Will be continued)

Part 2: Limekiln Park

One day on August 24th my mom and the franks mom had a special E.d meeting at lime Kiln Park. So the night before Mari(The franks mom) Called my mom and asked her if we could all go so well the moms had a meeting us(bffs /Jami, Peytin, Sidni, Jesse ,my little sister who is nine Alexania, and me) Could play in the woods for like four hours! We were so excited and jumped for joy! Than we were off to Limekiln Park! When we got there we decided to play a game in the woods that we were abandoned children and had to survive in the woods! My name was Jami Peytins name was Michelle, Jami’s name was Victoria, Sidni’s name was Addi, My sister’s name was Alexis, and Jesse’s name was Agustes. Than well we were playing Me, Sidni, Jesse, Peytin and, Jami wanted to go down this scary rocky path to get down to the river in the woods. So we all agreed with the idea and were ready to have the adventured of our lives, but my sister was not really up for it, but Jami decided to hold her had on the way down the rocky paths… We slid down the mud and got cut up by rocks! The first path was easy it was just like a big hill, but the second path was hard I started out first than Jesse, peytin, Jami, than my sister Gootie (that is her nickname). I was slipping and sliding we all had to grab on to branches when I went I grabbed on to the vines/branches to make sure they were safe for the rest. I was like the taste tester! Instead of tasting something it was a dangerous job for me! Than all of a sudden just like at the bluffs (another story) my sister Gootie got so scared we all stopped well we were sliding down the scary rocky/muddy steep paths. We held on to each other well I had to grab a tree branch so I could hold on well the others grabbed on to me! Jami held Gooties hand and we tried to help her but she refused to go down. We even felt her hands trembling as we had to pull her down she was terrified than we all made it down safely we thought it was so fun we definitely would do it again. We were about to go down again when we found the best place to play our game…
There was the river and there were rocks so we got all wet by the river playing on the wobbling rocks! Than this is the best part… we found a tiny private beach just to fit all six of us where we could play by the beach were some more woods! We got all excited and to make it fun we threw rocks in the shallow water and said “THIS IS OUR TERRITORY!” than after that we played in the water by our private little beach. We also played our game too! We go so wet than we went up the scary path which wasn’t so bad when we went up it! Than by the waterfall we found a pair of muddy boxer shorts and decided to pick them up with a stick and send them down the waterfall so disgusted me and Jami held the stick and picked them up with it! Than we crossed the danger sign, and went on the big huge rocks by the shore. The rocks were almost 10 feet across and also were flat so we wouldn’t fall into the water and go down the falls! Than we swung the underwear with the stick, and saw it go down the falls! We laughed so hard at that! Than Jami, and I returned back on shore with the others! We were laughing so hard at the underwear that our stomach’s hurt! Than all of a sudden we all spotted three un opened two ounce cans of trout bate! They were all colorful so we took them as souvenirs so we could remember our trip here to Limekiln Park and the adventures we had here! We also love to fish too, so we decided we would come back here to Limekiln Park to go fishing in the rapids!

I love having adventures with the franks and they do too! I will never forget all the fun things we have done in the past together! We always have fun!! Next stories will be continued!

The author's comments:
My peice was written because my 4 best friends and I have lots of funny and awesome adventures we go on and I wanted to write about it!

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