How far am I from here?

March 29, 2010
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I was watching the road as the bus was taking us home. I think it's amazing that looking forward, the bus isn't going so fast, but looking down, you're going so fast, I thought little sticks were moving around, aiming to get somewhere. I wanted to get back home, but I'm not talking about the one I go to every day. I'm talking about the place where I've spent my childhood years. Where I had made friends and lost some because I was transferring to another school. The place where I almost spent my teenage years. Could've spent the best years, but instead, I'm stuck in nowhere land. Where everyone, well almost everyone has had despised me, and I refuse to stay here longer.I thought about how many feet, inches I was away from that awesome place. Where I step foot on the most precious setting I've laid my eyes on. It goes so fast, as the numbers decrease, and I want them to decrease even more, up to zero. And not one time will the number go up, one bit.

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