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March 29, 2010
By 0szinte SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
0szinte SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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I am from a father who was born and raised in the country of Hungary. He is a man I look up to; a dad that I can depend on, and a man who prefers to be called ‘papa’. He is a father that came to the United States with his family of four with only $800 in his pocket. Thirty years later, he is now a successful business man who owns and works his passion, the car dealership. Papa is the man who hates beer yet relaxes with a glass of red wine. He doesn’t care for NASCAR, but loves his giant speed boat gliding on waters at 100 mph.

I am from a mother who is an original Cali girl from Sacramento, CA. She is a woman I look up to and loves fashion. Mom is the type of person to make friends anywhere she goes, and to ask me, ‘Julia! Let’s go to Starbucks’ just about every day. I am not ashamed of my mother ever, and proud to have her. She refuses to wear mom jeans or turtle-necks of any kind. Her idea of comfort is designer whatever, ranging from boots to cashmere tops.

I am from a family that gives love and supports my decisions. My family has traveled everywhere with me and has gone through thick and thin during my horse show season. I have driven to Traverse City, MI and multiple times to Chicago for my horse shows, my family following me all the time throughout and never complaining.

What I would do without my family…I never think about it; for I believe I have the best family anyone could ask for.

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