The Elf

March 26, 2010
By zontart BRONZE, Pasadena, Texas
zontart BRONZE, Pasadena, Texas
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Winter filled the air at phs, for it was just two days before Christmas break. I was with my friends talking about what was going down tomorrow, the last day of school. My friend, 4X4, was graduating and wanted his last year to be special so he tells me, “Your not down to come as an elf. I’ll even come as Santa.” Of course being the most down person in PHS I happily accepted.

The next day I came in a store bought elf costume dressed head to toe in green and red, with bells jingling from all over my body. But I went ahead and decided to spread the Christmas cheer by buying forty dollars worth of lollipops to give out to all the good little boys and girls. All day long I walked in and out of classes to deliver some Christmas cheer. I was even stopped and they took pictures for the yearbook?. Unfortunately my friend had to work so he couldn’t buy the Santa costume, but instead he came as a hairy gorilla with a Santa hat on. We walked all around and even danced with Mr. Coleman (an awesome principal), but of course my mean assistant principal Ms.Humphries had to write me up. She gave me ISC for the rest of the day. It was barley third period so I got bored and broke out. After a long awesome day of hugs, candy, and Christmas cheer it ended with a group hug of about twenty people. Then we departed happily till after break.
When I got back she gave me guidance again for another week. She also tried to expel me from school but I didn’t do anything truly bad so they had to let me go. That day stays wrapped in my head and reminds me about the gift of giving. It’s one of my favorite memories ever.

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It was my final exam and everyone loved it

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