Something Unforgettable

March 25, 2010
By BeToungVy BRONZE, Dutch Harbor, Alaska
BeToungVy BRONZE, Dutch Harbor, Alaska
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Do you know the feeling of getting dragged into something? Well I’ll tell you what had happened to me. On the way to the store, me and my mom bumped into Taemin and his mom. What was weird about this was the fact that my mom and his mom was talking to each other. I’ve known my mom for a long time and even though I’m not trying to say that my mom is racist or just plain doesn’t like Korean people. She really does, but somehow she is talking to Taemin’s mom right now. The two of them seemed very talkative and glamorous. I think that they have a lot in common, such as posing without knowing, wearing a lot of brands, and spraying perfume on. They passed by the meat section and both turned around.

“Why don’t you and Taemin go buy whatever you want and come back in a while?” mom said.

“Honey, why don’t you go show this nice young lady around the store?” Mrs. Lee said.

“OK!!!! Mom I’m gonna go look around with Taemin okay?!” I blurted out.

“Come on, I’ll show you this junk food that is really good,” Taemin said excitedly.

I climbed into the shopping cart and Taemin pushed the cart away from where our moms were. Apparently Taemin can push really fast without getting tired. I mean he’s really skinny considering he’s 16 and is about 175 cm. He suddenly stopped the cart, which made me jerk upwards a bit. Taemin took a box of Chocolate Pie, two box of S’more Pop tart, and a box of cereal. I was just sitting inside the cart staring at the stuff that he was going to buy, Taemin looked down and smiled at me.

“Do you want anything?” Taemin asked.

“No I’m fine,” I answered.

“Tae doesn’t these food have a lot of fat in them?” I asked.

“Are you wondering why I eat a lot of these food but still not gain weight?” Taemin asked.

“Yup,” I said.

“I don’t know why either. It’s just that no matter how much I eat I still manage to not gain weight,” Taemin explained.

Suddenly I heard screaming from A LOT of girls. We kind of ignored that for a while, but I thought that I heard someone call my name. Taemin was still looking around, not paying any attention to the screaming.

“VVVVVVVYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!” someone screamed out.

“Hah!!! Someone WAS calling my name!” I yelled out.

“Yeah, I heard it too. It sounds a lot like Jonah……” Taemin was interrupted.

“We finally found you!!” Jonahing said.

“I told you that we would find them in the food section!!” Key said to Jonahing.

“Will you two ever stop fighting?” Onew said while pulling them apart.

I should have known that it was them, from the screaming. Anyway they’re all so fun to be around and they always make me feel welcomed. If it wasn’t for the visit to Korea, I would have never meant Taemin and them. Every one of them has a very unique image. Onew has a dark brown color with a bit of black in it. Jonahing has this cool looking hair, it’s brown-ish, yellow-ish, and orange-ish. Key’s hair is orange but not the really bright color kind, the kind of less bright kind. Minho has black hair and Taemin who has light brown hair.

“Why don’t you come with us, Vy?” Onew offered.

“Um… I need to ask my mom,” I answered him.

“We asked her already,” Key said pushing the cart to the counter.

The counter lady was a young lady about the age of eighteen or nineteen years old, she smile when she saw me in the shopping cart. But when she looked up she saw someone that caught her attention. I can tell she liked one of them, because her face was bright red. She scrambled through her bag and took out a note book. Holding the note book in front of her face, she asked Jonahing to sign it. Jonahing took the note book out of her hands and opened it up to a random page. He wrote something in it and signed it quickly, then gave it back to her. She gave a high squeal and put all of Taemin’s stuff into the bag. She asked for 2,000 Korean money, which was about $2.00. Taemin took out his wallet and gave her the money. Of course I was still sitting in the shopping cart because I got lazy and didn’t want to get off.

“If you’re not getting off, I will carry you to the car,” Key said looking at me.

“I’m getting off!!! Give me a miNUTE~~~” I said while getting off, but got picked up.

“You know, you shouldn’t carry her on your back like that,” Minho said.

“Why not?” Key asked.

“Cause, she doesn’t like it,” Minho answered.

“No!! She likes me carrying her. Right Vy?” Key asked.

“I-I…..” I was interrupted.

“Don’t answer that, I know what you’re gonna say,” Key said excitedly.

“Key is treating her as his little sister,” Onew said.

“Yup, that’s Key for you,” Jonahing agreed.

Key put me down and told me to open the door. I opened up the van door, and walked in. The bus seemed cleaner than it was before, the last time I saw it. Things were everywhere, just what I had imagined the first time seeing it the van. We sat down and the driver drove off, Onew told me that we were going to this dance studio for a while and then go to their apartment for a while. While I was sitting in the car, I thought why am I going to their apartment for? Arriving at SM Town, Taemin took my hand and pulled me into the building. Everyone else seemed excited about practice too, maybe it’s because the dance was cool. I sat down on the couch and looked around the room. The whole entire wall covered with mirrors, and the ceiling was covered with pictures, words, and other stuff. Looking at how they were dancing made me feel bad because I’m bad at dancing. I didn’t know when or how but I feel asleep while watching them dance.

A while later, I suddenly jerked up and realized that I was sleeping in a bed. Looking around the room, I realized that I was on top of a bunk bed. I saw that there was a name on the pillow, it said Lee Taemin. So I knew that it was Taemin’s bed because of the pillow. I walked out of the room, Key and Jonahing was playing video games. Taemin and Minho was watching the other two play, while Onew exercise. I looked up at the clock and saw that it said 7:30 P.M. My hands trembling as I dialed the numbers. The phone was ringing and ringing, until my mom pick up the phone. She didn’t seem that mad when I talked to her, she just told me to ask Onew if they could ask one of the girl groups to let me sleep there. After Onew said that he can do that, my mom told me goodnight and hung up the phone.

“Are you staying here or something?” Key asked.
“Of course NOT!! She’s a GIRL!!” Onew blurted out.
“So she’s going to stay with SNSD noonas right?” Taemin asked.
(Noona(s) = older women/older girl)
(Oppa(s) = older man/ older boy)
“Yes, she is staying with them,” Onew answered.
“Vy, take this necklace with you,” Key said taking it off.
“She’s not going to see it,” Jonahing said.
“Only you have seen it,” Onew added.
“He might not be joking about that,” Minho said.
“See, someone agrees with me,” Key said while giving Minho a high five.
“What is this thing I’m going to see?” I asked them.
“NO!! Don’t tell her what it is!!” Taemin yelled out.

I didn’t ask about what I was going to see because they didn’t seem to want to tell me about it. Jonahing was teaching me how to play the video game, they were playing a while ago. After I learned a little bit on how to play, I went against Key. Key seemed like he knew what he was doing and that he was also very good at it too. So I didn’t think that I would win against him. I lost to Key in twenty seconds, but I didn’t feel bad or sad about it, since it was just a game. I didn’t want to play anymore because I just wanted to watch them instead. I looked at the clock and it was 8:30 P.M. so I asked Onew to take me to SNSD’s house.

“Oh, I’m not driving you there,” Onew said.
“Then how am I getting there?” I asked.
“Their room is on the second floor, above our room,” Jonahing said.
“SO LET’S GO!!!” Key yelled out.
“Wait we’re all going?” Minho asked.
Everyone else turned around and looked at Minho, he gave out a “OH” and followed us out the door. When we all got on the elevator and Taemin pressed the button number two. As the elevator was going up, the lights flickered on and off. I didn’t mind the lights because there might have been some kind of glitch. When the elevator stopped, instead of the regular ding sound, it gave out an eeekkkk sound.

The elevator door opened up and we stepped out. We opened up the door on the right and walked in. I saw 4 girls sitting on the couch and 5 girls sitting on the ground. They look very pretty and they are so tall. This pretty noona ran up to me and gave out a “kyaaa!!” yell.

“Aw, where did you find her?!?” Noona said.
“She’s Taemin’s friend,” Onew answered.
“What kind of friend?” Noona asked.
“She’s just a friend!” Taemin yelled out.
“Ooohhhh……” Everyone said.
“I’ll introduce you to everyone,” Jonahing said.

After 5 minutes of introduction. I learned all of their names. I was looking around, the room, trying to lock all those names in my head. Everyone seemed fine, excepted for Key. He seemed afraid/scare for some reason. Since, he was starring at this room-door for a very long time and turned around, looking all paranoid.

“It’s late now. We’ll see you later, Vy!” Key yelled out while pushing the others out of the room.
“Um…I’ll see you tomorrow then, Bye-bye,” I said out.
“Me and the other 7 girls are going to the company to do something. Stay here with Yoona and watch TV or something,” Sooyoung said.

All the noonas took their stuff and walked out the door. Now the room began to quiet down, since I didn’t really know Yoona much. I sat down on the chair and curled up into a ball-shaped position. Looking around the room, I notice that the room is mostly filled with pink things. It’s kind of what I had expected when I heard that I was staying with 9 girls. Yoona stood up and told me that I’m sleeping in the same room as Sunny. She opened up the room that Key was looking at and then turned on the lights. Yoona walked into the closet and brought out some pajamas. She handed them to me and told me to take a shower and put these on. I said “Thank You,” to her and walked into the bathroom.

As I was washing my hair, I thought I heard something. That something sounded like a knock on the door. I turned around and saw something black walked past the door. Taking in a deep breath I walked over to the door and closed it. Since, I was still a bit afraid, I washed my hair quickly and dried myself. As I was drying my hair, I looked at myself in the mirror and saw creepy looking eyes staring at me. I turned around quickly and looked at the door, but I saw that the door wasn’t even opened. My heart was beating faster and faster as I walked out of the bathroom. I looked to the right of me and saw nothing, but when I looked to the left. I saw Yoona, she appeared out of nowhere and scared the soul out of me.

“I’m sorry, did I scare you?” Yoona asked.
“Uh..No!! I’m fine!” I said out loud.
“Anyway, it’s late now so go to sleep,” Yoona told me.
“Okay,” I answered her.

I walked into the room on the right and Yoona walked into the room on the left. Saying “Good Night,” to her, I closed up the door. As soon as I closed the door, I felt a cold breeze come down my body. I walked over to the window and saw that it was opened, so I closed it. Looking out at the moon, I saw how beautiful it looked. I looked around and saw a black shadow sitting on top of the tree. But I didn’t see who was sitting up there, when I looked at the tree.

Telling myself that nothing was there, I laid down and looked at the ceiling. It took me a while but I finally went to sleep. As I was sleeping I thought something touched me, I squinted my eyes open and looked to the left, where the door was. I saw it, I saw the girl, her curly black hair that was soaking wet and I couldn’t even see her eyes. Giving out a loud shriek, I jerked out of the bed and rolled over to the one next to it. The door-knob was shaking back and forth. I also heard Yoona’s voice calling me from outside the door. The girl was getting closer and closer to me now, but then the door flung open. She’s gone nowhere to be found, just disappeared.

“Are you okay?” Yoona asked.
“Um…I t-think so,” I answered her.
“Did you see something?” Yoona asked.
“Y-yes I saw a girl,” I answered.

She took in a deep breath and pulled me to the living room. When we walked out, I saw a black shadow on the balcony. We both screamed and ran for the door, but the door-knob was rattling and something was banging on the door loudly. Screaming louder, we ran to the kitchen, but as we were running. The door slammed open and we saw a black figure. I was so afraid that I fell down and couldn’t get up. The black figure reached for the lights and turned it on. I opened up my eyes and saw Onew, standing at the door way. We turned around and heard the balcony door open up. Key walked in from the balcony and asked what was wrong.

“Why were you on the balcony?” I asked him.
“Oh…I climbed up from downstairs,” Key answered.
“You should use the stairs next time,” Onew said.
“No, it’s more fun this way,” Key said.
“I heard something like a scream and I didn’t know if it was you or not,” Key said.
“Oh…I saw something,” I stuttered out.
“SEE!! I told you!!” Key yelled out.
“Okay, fine well go find someone to check this out tomorrow,” Onew said.
“You’re just lazy to do it now,” Key said.

Key and Onew walked downstairs, while arguing at each other. I asked Yoona if I could sleep with her and she said sure. Even though I was still afraid, I managed to get some sleep.

With a crack of light coming through the curtains, I slid out of bed. I brushed my teeth quickly and ran out of the bathroom. When I came out, I saw that everyone was there. They were talking about what had happened last night. Sunny, who I was suppose to share room with didn’t look like she had seen the ghost before.

“Are you all right?” Jessica asked.
“Um, I’m fine,” I answered.
“Did you really see the ghost?” Yuri asked.
“Yes,” I answered.
“What did it look like?” Sooyoung asked.

Jonahing slammed the door opened and barged right in, with the others. Key was still staring at the room, paranoid. Taemin has the I-just-woke-up face right now. Onew looks like he is staring off into space and not coming back for a while. All the noonas grabbed their stuff as soon as they saw the guys come in. Everyone went downstairs and separated into 2 groups. Group One - Me, Yoona, Key, Taemin, Sunny, Yuri, Jessica and Tiffany. Group Two - Hyoyeon, Sooyoung, Taeyeon, Seohyung, Jonahing, Onew, and Minho. Group number one was in charge of finding the ghost hunter and group two was in charge of getting the materials.

It’s been a long day but still no luck, we didn’t even see anyone who would know about hunting down a ghost. Everyone was tired from walking around here and there to find someone. We all went to an ice cream shop to rest up, a bit. When we were eating ice cream, we overheard someone talking about a fortune teller. We had to see if that fortune teller could help us out. Jonahing came over and asked those girls where the fortune teller was. Those girls seemed more interested in Jonahing, than what he was saying. Yoona came over and asked them if they could tell her where the fortune teller was. Once they told her where the fortune teller was, they asked Jonahing for his signature. Jonahing quickly scribbled down his signature and ran after us.

We found the fortune teller and asked him if he could help us out with the ghost in our house. What he told us was “Whoever, with light in their eyes can see things others can’t see…So now when the sun is setting , someone who is bright will led that ghost away.” After he told us this, we all went to Shinee’s apartment. We discussed about what the fortune teller had said, and from what I’ve heard. It’s seems that we didn’t understand what he was saying.

“I think that he means someone who always wears bright clothing,” Yuri said.
“Uh…No,” Taeyeon said.
“Wait, lets break down what he said one by one,” Yoona told everyone.
“Okay, well first he said that someone with light in their eyes can see things others can’t see. Which means Key and Vy are those people,” Tiffany said.
“But what does, Now when the sun is setting, someone who is bright will led that ghost away mean?” Sooyoung asked.
“Maybe, someone who hasn’t seen the ghost before and has been sleeping in that rooooooooom……………..SUNNY!!!” Jessica yelled out.
“WHAT?!?!” Sunny asked loudly.
“I think that you can scare the ghost away,” Jessica said.

They discussed about what they were going to do without even tell Sunny what was going on. After they were done talking, I was to say with some of the noonas and Taemin. While Key and Sunny is in the other room with Jonahing. Jonahing was suppose to be the person who watches from the closet, while Key was suppose to tell Sunny where the ghost was.

It’s about to hit mid-night now, I’m sitting in a circle with Taemin and the noonas. We then heard the door bell and Yoona ran out to get the door. Everyone waited inside Yoona’s room, all of a sudden we heard a yell from Yoona. Yuri was the first one to run out, and everyone else followed her. We reached the doorway and saw a women standing next to Yoona.
“This is the ghost hunter that the manager had hired,” Yoona explained.
“Yes, your manager saw everyone searching around for a ghost hunter so he made some phone calls and found me,” The Ghost Hunter explained.
“I think that you should go now because it’s almost mid-night,” Yuri said.

The Ghost Hunter ran into the room that Yuri pointed to and was chanting something while she ran. We heard louder chanting as soon as the door closed up. Standing in front of the door, we saw Jonahing, Key, and Sunny run out. Key looked so white that it wasn’t even funny. I came over and pulled him to where everyone was. A while later the woman walked out and told us.

“You’ll be fine now, the ghost wasn’t harmful. It was just wandering around, not knowing where to go,” The Ghost Hunter said.
“Thank you for your help,” Everyone said.
“You’re welcome, now I’ll go collect my money from your manager,” She said.

We closed up the door and said good bye to the oppas. This is something that I’ll never forget.

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