My love life

March 25, 2010
By Anonymous

Well if had to describe my love life, I would have to say it isn’t too great. Thirty-five percent of it was pretty good. The reason my love life was really actually bad was just because it ended badly or really didn’t have a good connection. You are about to read my biography about all the girls I have been involved with and how and why we broke up and got together and some of the crazy stories that happened.

Throughout my life I have dated three girls and been “involved” you can call it with two girls. Well I think I’ll start them in order from oldest to recent.
I probably wasn’t really interested in dating much in the beginning. I can’t say I didn’t like my share of girls. But I would see my friends date and they would last a couple of weeks and then nothing. They would break up and not even really care much. So I was actually smart enough to really see that there isn’t any point in dating at such a young age. Usually I am more of a serious person who likes serious relationships. Sure they might have had fun with each other but it wasn’t worth it in my eyes. I have seen a lot of friends get hurt for what?! Two weeks of a girl hanging on you? But six grade I decided it was time to try it out. It probably wasn’t a good idea yet but I was really interested in it now.
Chapter 1 A.V.

In the beginning of my six grade year I started to like Amber V. again. I’ve liked her over the years repeatedly. She was the first girl I ever liked and I have known her since preschool so it seemed like a pretty cool idea. So I went on thinking about if it was a good idea to actually tell her how I felt. Believe it or not, it was a pretty big deal at first. So after a month of thinking about it, I flirted and talked to her a lot for a month and finally was just like whatever I will try it out. So I told her I liked her. To my luck she liked me too! I was so happy I about jumped out the window. I had never been told that before. Then at the same time she asked me out. Oh my god I didn’t even know how to describe what I was feeling after that. It was nuts, from there I saw that it was REALLY going to be fun!

I wanted to make sure we weren’t just some immature couple that lasts for a couple weeks and break up without even really caring about it. So the first week we didn’t hang out much because of “schedule complications”. But I was so excited about having a girlfriend I didn’t really care.
The next week we started hanging out. We mostly just walked around, nothing special, but I really enjoyed it still. I pretty much just enjoyed everything but I was still really young. But we both just really liked to swim. We even joined a little league swim team together. So we started to go to the pool a lot together. We would invite people to swim with us. I would always bring Danrick with me ALWAYS. He could hit on her friends. You know how that works. I loved the pool because well I liked swimming. And it was just a place I felt comfortable getting close to her.
OH! The first time I went to her house. It was the first time we ever hung out. I was so nervous. I had no idea what to say to her. The first thing I said to her was… “Hey what’s up man?” I felt like the world’s biggest idiot EVER. It was so embarrassing. So after a month and a half of doing all the same stuff I talked about before. I had my first experience with my jealousy problem. And yeah I have jealousy problems. Some boy was talking to her and I couldn’t take it at all! So I broke up with her. Yeah it wasn’t a good idea but it was my first girlfriend so give me a break and I was still young so whatever.
Chapter 2 C.T.
After my first girlfriend break up I started having my first experience with stress… Stress is probably the worst part of relationships. I really thought I was DONE with dating for sure. I really didn’t want to go through it again. I started talking to Claudine Tungul a lot. I didn’t quite like her YET but I ended up doing a lot of venting to her for a month. About 5th grade we were pretty tight friends then after a year we went our separate ways. So I felt comfortable talking to her. After a month of stress I moved on. We promised each other we would become close friends again. I was excited. Six grade ended and the summer started. I was healed and I was ready for girls again. Now I sorta, like, always really REALLY think about what went wrong and what I could do better for the next girl. I felt confident.

One night I was talking to Claudine as usual… and I just really started to enjoy her company and her being around me. I told her I liked her. To my surprise she liked me too. That summer from there on out I really started to mature and grow. I was really more confident and mature about things. We weren’t dating quite yet but we went to the PCR just to hang out. And play basketball or whatever. So we were sitting in the teen room just talking with another friend that was in there. All of sudden she takes both of my arms (I was thinking like wtf is she doing?) and puts them around her waist! Now this I liked A LOT. And she liked it A LOT so we were good. So just that pretty much made my summer right there. I just sat there holding barely talking for hours and just enjoying myself. We went to the PCR a lot and hung out a ridiculous amount. Some people were surprised we weren’t bored of each other. I wasn’t. She wasn’t. That’s all we wanted to do. Was just hold each other. That pretty much became our signature thing to be doing.

So after a month we both went on vacation. I kissed her on the cheek good-bye and that was that. We both just stayed on msn talking to each other for hours, called each other every other day and it was all good as usual. We both came back about a month later determined to see each other we both went the PCR immediately to see each other. I saw her and we kissed. I felt pretty accomplished right there. So we went on pretty much doing the same thing we usually did throughout the whole summer not thinking about how things were going to be when school started.

About a couple months later school started. Things weren’t AS easy as they were before. But they weren’t necessarily extremely hard as I thought. One thing I really didn’t like was during the school year that’s when I started to feel the real stress of a relationship. I didn’t like it at ALL. I tend to “over care” I could call it. I would stress about her for no reason what so ever. But mostly cause of my little family jealousy problem. By family jealousy problem I mean. Like one night I was talking to my dad about fishing stuff probably. And he asked me. “Dylan do you get jealousy much?” I thought about it for a minute and said “Yeah I get jealous a lot. I just realized that.” So I told him that and he told me that he and my brother Derick all have jealousy problems. So anyways just a little family fact. So we would hang out for maybe like an hour a day if we hung out during the school days. And During the weekends we hung out as much as possible.
So nothing really crazy happened to us. We dated for 10 whole months! I was sorta hoping that we would hit the year mark but things happen. We only broke up once for some stupid I don’t even remember why, but got back together the next day about 5 months in. So the only thing really that happened was rumors and I am not gonna go into what those were about. Then finally, a month or two away from school ending she just got really stressed one day and yeah I think you know what happened. After 3 or 4 months of stress and trying to get her back I finally just forgot about her. What relief that day was. Now I really didn’t want to date and deal with stress after that. But from my experience I learned that some girls just are stressful and some are better than others about stress.
Chapter 3 M.S.
Seventh grade ended, and I was off the girl hook, and starting to want another one. One thing I have learned from dating is when you start dating you are never really EVER single. No matter how hard you try you want something that you can only obtain from being involved with a girl. Whether it’s kissing or holding a girl or whatever makes you happy you want it. Otherwise you sit in the house and mope around not getting what you want. Sadly it is just how it is. So A new guy came that works on the same boat as my dad. So he got close with my dad and he just hung around the house a lot.
I remember he was eating dinner with me and my dad and he mentioned his family coming to this island. And his daughter Melissa S. is two years older then me. But I was the only boy who he really knew so he told me to I don’t quite know what he wanted but I was getting at he wanted me to “watch her” I guess you could call it. Make sure she didn’t do anything or hung out with the wrong crowd I guess. So I told him sure whatever. I wasn’t really going to watch her though. I really couldn’t care about her. So a month later his family came they seemed nice. I didn’t really talk to any of them much. They all seemed pretty grouchy and always complained about things. So I didn’t pay attention to them much. They ended coming over A LOT but still I didn’t really pay attention to any of them except the dad. So summer started, pretty much all my best friends were gone on vacation. I pretty much had no one to hang out with. Our dads were gone on a patrol for their job. Our moms ended best friends. So it was pretty obvious something was going to happen. So yeah she came over a lot with her mom, so what would you do if you were stranded on an island with pretty much only one person to make friends with. Of course we started talking. Couple months of dealing with each other and no other kids there I am sure you know what ended up happening. It seemed so easy too. She came over a lot. Her parents liked me. Parents best friends. So what the heck? Why not? Hanging out with her in the summer was pretty cool. Nothing bad really, nothing new. Well the different thing about this one was I completely went against on how I usually get involved with girls and how I am with them. I had completely no desire to get real close any time soon. I didn’t really want to hang out as much as I usually do with girlfriends. So it was just a little different this time.
Well I don’t think I completely liked her for the right reasons though. I thought things would be easier cause of how close families are and stuff. I think that based my feelings for her. So yeah it didn’t feel right. So I had to brake her off.
Chapter 4 “Involved With”
If I were to pick a girl to be with it would probably be maybe one of my past girlfriends. Why? Well because I consider myself a picky person. I dated them in the first place for a reason and this is a small island. So I tend to limit myself to whom I get Involved with.
Involved with: To be “good friends” that act like there dating but aren’t. ; Or to have a “thing”.

So I have had a “thing” I like to call it with two girls. And coincidently they were both of my of previous girlfriends. Like I said they would probably be. So beginning of eighth grade year a couple months after dating Melissa, me and Claudine started to talk again for a week only. The next thing you know the next week I ended up kissing her. Yeah for about 4 or 5 months that went on. It wasn’t as cool or good as last time. Actually nowhere near as good as last time. It was mostly just really stressful. We had our moments definitely. But regional’s came. People came here. And things didn’t turn out so well.

So funny story on this last girl, who is also a previous girlfriend of mine. But this “thing” hasn’t ended quite yet, still going on. I don’t know if we are going to date. But who knows stuff happens. “We’ll see” as she always says. I’m not going to say names on this one because it’s still going on right now. But I think this “thing” has potential to be my best one yet. We first started when wasn’t really completely sure about dating yet. So we both have matured about things and it’s been pretty awesome. I and she have had a long history mostly of just being best friends since preschool. I probably think about getting involved with her every other year. I finally did!

Well there it is. My lifeline or love line of all the girls I have been together with or involved with. If I had to conclude on what I had to say if relationships are worth it, I would say they are. Most of my happiest memories are from my relationships so it’s worth it. Or else like I said you will just be moping around the house complaining you need a girlfriend.

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