The First Flip

March 25, 2010
By bananabob BRONZE, Park City, Utah
bananabob BRONZE, Park City, Utah
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Waiting in the dark, shady waiting room. Surrounded by a bunch of kids my age, all waiting for the same thing. The line surges forward as I am pushed through a square door. Light hits my eyes, I am blinded momentarily, then i see it. I see the Trampolines facing the foam pit, the mat, the bars, the balance beams, all of it. For me and the other kids rush forward to the tramp and the other goodies this place hides. I was the first on the tramp, and it was my first time ever bouncing on a tramp. I step on and stink. I jump as I’m told. I go up, and up, and up, then come rocketing back down, then back up, and down. I am filled with excitement as I keep going through this process, I try 360 degree turns, and then jumped into the pit. I thought it was going to hurt. It was one of the things I have ever encountered.

Next was the balance beams. I didn’t think they were much fun until the gave us foam swords, and we would get on and whack each other off. I was into knights, swords, battles, anything in that general area. I was loving it then i looked at the clock, we still had 2 hours left. I squealed with joy as I rotated back and forth through these stations.

The 2 and a-half hours we had went fast. I was the last to go one the tramp then somebody said ”do a front flip” I had never done one before but I had seen one so I was determined. I started jumping, everything was quiet to me. I leaned forward and jumped. I rotated and landed on my butt. It was time to go, but I was exciting to share what I had just accomplished...

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I was 7 years old

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