First Grade Zoo

March 24, 2010
By inyourhead SILVER, Springs, Ohio
inyourhead SILVER, Springs, Ohio
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Remembrance of the Past

When I was in first grade, my class went on a field trip to the Cleveland Zoo. I remember a specific moment where my friend, Casey and I were sitting on a rock. It was a hot and humid summer's day in Ohio. I could taste the dryness in my mouth as it lacked in moisture. I reached over to grab a tropical leaf that was on the opposing side of me, to cool me down. I felt Casey do the same thing as we began to fan ourselves. The cool breeze let off by the leaves felt nice on my sweat-covered forehead. I could tell it was going to be a long day.

We walked through the zoo slowly because, being only the average height of three foot, we were small. My whole class trudged through all of the animals, but I remember one animal the most. We had just passed the monkeys and were headed towards the Elephant Exhibit. The smell made sure everyone was aware that they were near an elephant. I looked up and saw the massive creature his name Buddha. He was an African elephant. Buddha smelled as if he bathed in his own waste, and looked like it too. Buddha ate the assortment of hay and fruit that lay in front of him intently. I watched in awe until my teacher Mrs.McNaull summoned me to move along.

Before I knew it , it was time to depart from the zoo and go home. My first grade zoo experience had come to an end. I would have the pictures I had taken to keep my memory of this trip alive.

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