trailer trash

March 22, 2010
By Anonymous

Running in the dark, searching for the door to escape the crushing sound of the man’s voice saying. ”come back here kid I’m not done with you!” As I struggle at the same time trying to cover my bear body. I ran towards the light at the end of the trailer hallway. I grab the jacket next to the door to cover myself with. When I get Out all I see is a junk yard full of cars and an old abandoned trailer at the end do the path. I ran hoeing that there would be help at that trailer.

When I got there, I had found that it was abandoned and no one had lived there for at least five years. I could tell because the old empty can of beans on the table said February 1999. The year I was sent to live with my aunt in Elgin, Texas.

I decided that because I didn’t know where I was, that I would wait until the next morning to find my way back home. While I was in the old trailer I thought of everything possible. What to do if he walked in that door, How to get away again, and even how I would get out the next morning.
All night, I couldn’t help but think of the evil old man. I asked myself. ”What did I do to ever be hurt in such a way?” An eleven year old in such pain not knowing where to go or how to leave this place of hell.

When the sun came out the next day, I knew I could leave. I grabbed a piece of metal off the shelf on the broken wall. I ran like crazy hoping he wouldn’t see me. When I got to the highway after about two miles of running, I notice a sign that said Elgin was only a mile away.

I began to walk up the highway when a police car passed me. The lady in the driver’s seat asked me my name. But before she got her words out I began to tell her the story of the man in the trailer park.

She got on the radio and asked for back up. Before I knew it I was surrounded by police and people that I didn’t know. In the back of one police car was the old man. Dark skin, brown hair, torn clothes, a scratched face, and with the eyes of the devil.

When I looked away I saw my aunt Janet. She ran toward me and looked into my eyes. She said she had been looking for me and that she missed me very much. After the police asked me questions, my aunt took me home. On the way there she began to cry. She stopped the car next to an old farm house.

When she stopped crying she opened her wallet, she grabbed a picture of her and a man. She handed me the picture. I looked at it and notice the man in a tux sitting next to her. I was the old man that had hurt me the night before. I asked her who the man was to her. She opened her mouth and hesitated to say. “this was your uncle Johnny. About three years ago he became abusive towards me, so I divorced him. He raped a little girl about three houses down from ours, so we had to move. ” she then began to cry again.

When she gathered her thoughts back together she continued. “I knew all these years about where he was hiding. I never knew he would hurt anyone ever again. I thought he was just going to hide from people. I’m so sorry I let him off that easy. If I had known what he was going to do to you, I would have killed him myself.” I turned to her and said. “How would you have known? You’re not god.” She then looked at me and said. “No I’m not but that man sure does think he is.”

Since then we never talked about Johnny, unless it was in court or in front of the police. I now live with my mother because my aunt is too afraid of almost loosing me again. I still have dreams of that night even though it’s been five years.
Three months from the day that happened, I had to be institutionalized in Mexico because my dreams were too horrific for my eleven year old mind to handle. I still fear the day that Johnny gets out because it will be the day that my children will be outside playing. But by then, I hope that he is too old to hurt anyone, the way he hurt me. The scared eleven year old girl, that had her whole childhood taken away and crushed all in one night. By the person she never knew would be her uncle. Trailer trash Johnny.

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