The Night of Peanut Butter and Toilet Paper

March 21, 2010
By Anonymous

By the next afternoon there was peanut butter on the bathroom door handle; toilet paper strung everywhere in one room, and brushes, along with other paraphernalia strewn about upstairs. For a person who was not there the night before he/she might think someone broke in, but in reality, they are wrong.

When I was fifteen, my friend Sherly and I decided to sleep over at Natalie and Krista Greenwood’s house. They are two of our closest friends, and their house is a great place to spend time. They have a piano in one room and in another a big screen TV with surround sound. Watching movies over there is a blast, even if it’s a scary one. All four of us have been the best of friends since seventh grade. However, Shely and I have been friends the longest. In attendance this night were Sherly and Natalie, who do not think at times, but I still love them, as well as me and Krista, who tend to be hyper and loud. That summer night was humid and peaceful, except for the Greenwood’s house, but by 1 o’clock it was just as silent as the night. At that time, we all mutually agreed that we should head upstairs. I, being the clumsy one, fell going up the stairs. Everyone, including myself, found this funny. As we all laughed, we brushed our teeth and jumped into our pajamas. Natalie’s were pink of course, Sherly’s were gray and fuzzy, Krista’s were blue, and mine were as simple as a black t-shirt and a pair of blue shorts.
As if by magic Sherly and Krista were sleeping as soon as their heads hit their pillows, but Natalie and I we were wide awake: repercussions of sugar rush at its finest. Natalie and I laid there tossing and turning looking at her cream colored walls and her bright pink sheets with our eyes wide open. No matter what we did or how we laid we just could not fall asleep. After about ten minutes of this we decided it would not work so we sat and talked.

Like everything else we had tried before we got bored of talking and felt the need for a new form of entertainment. We both sat there thinking, picking at our brains until they hurt, for something to do. Finally, I had an idea! I told Natalie that we should get toilet paper and throw it down her banister. Before I could even finish my sentence, she ran downstairs as if she knew what I was thinking and got the toilet paper. We only threw the toilet paper down the stairs once before Natalie came up with an even better idea: throw things at her sister and Sherly while they slept.

We ran to the bathroom where we founda grand assortment of objects to throw at them, but we had to choose carefully. We did not want to hurt them, yet we wanted them to stir slightly in their gentle slumber. We grabbed our weapons of choice and crept upstairs. Once there, we began throwing the objects at the sleeping beauties. We threw compacts, brushes, toothbrushes, soap bottles, and pillows. Krista woke up slightly, but it was still amusing because she had no idea what was going on and was saying random things. Sherly, on the other hand, was hilarious to watch as she reacted to our assault. When we threw a brush at her she grabbed it and started snuggle with as well as pet it.

Natalie and I were still awake with a roll of toilet paper by our side. We both thought for a moment and then looked at each other. We were going to teepee her sister’s room. We both raced with excitement towards the location and as quiet as the air after a storm, we began to teepee the room. We did such a good job it would have been them to attempt escaping just a few hours later. After that Natalie and I finally were tired enough to fall asleep.

The next morning, Krista and Sherly woke up and discovered the only way to leave the room was to rip the trap we had set. By noon, Natalie and I woke up and went to the bathroom, where upon we realized they had tried to get us back. Natalie reached for the door handle and got thick, sticky, gooey peanut butter on her hand. Krista and Sherly were close by and began to laugh as the witnessed their victory. Krista and Sherly thought they got us back better than we got them, but they did not. I showed them how wrong they were by putting my hand on the handle and then licking the peanut butter off my hand.

So just a fair warning to those reading this; you can never play a trick or joke on someone without he/she trying to get you back. So be ready to laugh when he/she try or else you can lose a great friend. Besides anger takes years off of your life, while laughter adds years.

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