hear me

March 20, 2010
By ElizabethSays GOLD, Lake Villa, Illinois
ElizabethSays GOLD, Lake Villa, Illinois
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And I'm trying to reach out, to everyone around me, as I speak out no one hears me. When I walk down the halls, the voices creep to me. Your icy hand, no longer keeps me. I hold my ground, as the clock ticks by. Everything leaves me unsatisfied. My friends speak and their words come out, but when I see the words in my mind, they stay in my mouth. This is a story, that goes untold. This is the moment that will never unfold. You can tell it, if you'd like. If I tried, we'd only fight. So make your amends with the grudge inside. My heart will contend, and you're comments with subside. Just hear me, just breathe me, someday we will all be, in the same world, and the same story.

The author's comments:
the story of our lives.

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