Friend from the Past

March 18, 2010
By Anonymous

A special friend from the past would be Haley D.! When I first moved to Park City when I was in 1st grade Haley was the first person I met. She was so nice to me all the time. We would be together all the time. Once we started hanging out almost everyday after school her parents talked to my parents into moving over over by her, next thing you know we were now neighbors. As we got older and older we would get closer and closer. I always remember Haley’s parents would never let her have sleepovers, but for some reason she was only able to have sleepover with me! One time we wanted to have a sleepover on a school night so bad. We both got the guts to ask our parents and they said YES!! Haley and I stayed up until 9:30 and we just thought that we were the coolest in town. Finally when it came to third grade I found out that Haley had to move and that was the hardest time in my life!!

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