Living Life to the Fullest

March 15, 2010
By olafe BRONZE, Highland, Utah
olafe BRONZE, Highland, Utah
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Finding a nice little place called Highland, and staying there
Swimming, and swimming until you can hardly swim any more
Spending the weekends playing “WC” with a good friend
Learning that reading books isn’t always bad, especially if they hold your attention
Turning all the windows down, and the radio up
Playing pool all night long
Having lots of bruises = no regrets
Writing letters to “Tipper” and Keenan
Laying on the carpet at Grandma’s every week
Teaching the dog to fly a kite on a crisp autumn day.
Finding yourself lost on your way to the St. George temple, but that’s half the fun
Having the first “real world” experience at a concert in Murray
Listening to two siblings give farewell talks within 4 months of each other
Sleeping in because there is no school
Creeping on the shed during a sleepover
Becoming “the water people”
Having everything you ever bake not turn out
Swimming late at night in the lake
Fishing at the secret spot with Dad
Making bubbles without your teacher knowing
Screaming, “Body! Body! Body!”
Setting up a risk tournament in the neighbor’s garage
Fitting in with the 6 year olds, although you’re 16
Wrestling tournaments at weddings
Visiting Maggie Moo’s just because
Watching “The Biggest Loser” on a weekly basis
Hiking uphill, both ways in the snow--at night
Pretending to be something you aren’t, just for fun
Making up games just for fun
Running past the “drunk guy’s” house
Playing rugby at recess where the teachers can’t see
Driving through Vegas at three in the morning, but not stopping
Recreating the battles of Bunker Hill and Antietam, only to watch your work fade to black
Visiting Tangie’s for a “MYBSCT” party
Using Black hair dye, once a year
Making chicken nuggets and apple juice for the kids, but messing it up
Watching the first half of Taken, then leaving the rest to imagination
Thinking back on all the good times

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