Trip To The Clouds

March 9, 2010
By Smurph226 BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
Smurph226 BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
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A white powder rests beneath my feet looking as though it should be snow, but this is anything but. It's hot and smooth on my feet as I run it through my toes, trying to ease the butterflies out of my stomach. Today I know I will visit the clouds, and feel as though I am a kite soaring through the salty sea air. Today I'll fly like the sea gulls I've seen so much of here at Panama City Beach.

As I step into the ocean I can feel the salty sea air wisp through my hair, waiting for my wet and salty chariot to arrive. It's a beautiful day for flying, the clouds as white and puffy as ever, and the sky, a perfect blue. Suddenly, in the distance, then closer, and closer, the driver and his chariot. He comes to escort me and some others to the take off destination. My stomach jumps, my heart skips a beat, and my eyes light up with excitement, this is it. I hop on to the chariot to seek my trip to the clouds. The ocean is the most brilliant shade of blue on our way there, I bet it will look even better from the sky. I see the launch sight ahead, rays of golden sunlight capturing it in there gaze. As we pull up next to the boat with the launch pad, my stomach leaps as the captain announces I will be going up first.

I reluctantly step into the harness trying to decide if it is safe enough to fly with, after all am going to be 600 feet in the air there was no time to take chances. The harness seemed to be hugging with all its might, so I figured I was pretty safe. Finally, it was time to hook up. I looked up at the parachute behind me and saw the face imprinted on it smiling at me, the wind making it turgid with air, it soothed me. It lifted the fears off my shoulders and I along with the swollen parachute ascended into the sky. It was beautiful, the moment of awe when I got up to the top of the top of the 600 feet ascend into the clouds, was indescribable. I could see for miles, and the people on the beach looked like ants. It was like for those minutes I had no worries, no fears, nothing. After I had my moment, I remembered my waterproof camera I had with me. Every opportunity I had to take a picture I took advantage of. Being sure to try my hardest to capture everything I would want to remember on this experience. Then I also remembered that on every parasailing trip they always took a dip once or twice into the ocean. Then, just as soon as I remembered, it happened, I slowly descended down to the aqua blue waters. Then finally my feet pierced the surface of the water and I glided upwards again. Back to the clouds I went, my air- filled parachute behind me. The salty sea air reached my hair and face and I breathed in a reliving breath. I wouldn't of chosen any other day but today to be on this great adventure. What an experience, and it wasn't over quite yet. Yet again I descended down to the crystal blue water my feet ready to meet with the sea once again. The wonderful sensation from the water was thrilling, and so was the climb back up to the sky following it.

My adventure is almost over I am now waiting for the captain to real me back in. As my last few moments pass in the sky I look out at all the beauty, all the sights, and hope that I will see them like this again someday. What was first a seemingly impossible dream for me became a reality today. I always looked to the sky to see the parasailers flying by, never thinking that someday that I would be in their place. Now I am, and am happy to be.

One last look at the scenery and it is time for my adventure to come to end. As I am reeled in from the sky I land as daintily as a feather on a windy day. As I'm unhooked I look back to where I was and hope again that I will return to the clouds some day. Now, it is time to leave my great adventure. I look forward at the white sandy beach and know my fun has just begun here. The chariot arrives again to take me back to the white sand, I step on and soon enough I'm whisked to shore. Now when I look to the sky at the parasailers, I see more than an impossible dream, I see wonderful reality.

The author's comments:
The wonderfully exciting thrills I experienced during my parisailing adventures were unforgettable. I hope by reading this peice you will be able to paint an inspiring mental picture that will last a long time. Enjoy!

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