My Adventures in Puerto Rico

March 4, 2010
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My Puerto Rican Adventure!!

Whoosh! I whipped through the thick jungle air, legs flailing, arms holding tight to the rope. A thick black cord and the rope were holding my life on a string.

“Pull!” the instructor yelled. I yanked back on the rope and lifted my feet. My speed decreased. I landed on the wood platform, nearly taking out the instructor as I went.

“That was the best one yet,” I gasped, barely able to breathe after such a rush. The instructor, named José , laughed.

“That’s what they all say until they get to the next one.” I was on the third level of a jungle zip line in Peru. There were eleven levels totally, each one getting steeper and even more fun than the one before. I heard the whoosh of air next to me, and my cousin Hailey appeared out of thin air.

“That was so fun!” she yelled, even though she was right next to me.

“I know! And we have eight more to do!” I shouted back. So we continued on for the next eight levels. Well, really, it was only seven because one level was a downward drop to get to the next platform. That was fun, but nothing compared to the last zip line.

The rush of air flapping through my hair, the edge of no control that I felt with my legs swinging through the thick air and the ache of my hands as I held tight to the rope. I had a few angry rope burns on them from rope burn or my fingers getting caught in the way of the metal clasps and the thick black rope as the zip line came faster and even more out of control.

And then, suddenly, it was over. The exhilarating feeling, the tug of the rope, all gone! Then the guide was un-clicking the clasps and helping me out of my harness. I did so, and stumble over to Hailey, as I was still unsteady on my feet.

“That was awesome!” she shouted before I reached her. I nodded, but the feeling of disappointment was seeping through my veins. “What’s wrong?” Hailey asked. I guess my eyes said it all. I was sad. But I would do this again someday! I brightened up at the thought.

“Oh, I was just sad that it was over! But now I know that we’ll do it again someday!” I said, cheery as ever.

“Yeah! We will!” Hailey yelled. A smile crossed both our faces and didn’t leave until we boarded the bus to take us back to the cruise ship dock.

I was on to Tortola, another Caribbean port on my cruise. Another day, another adventure. Sure, one day I would zip line again. But until then, I was going to have more adventures.

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