Kindergarted Memoir

March 4, 2010
By Matt Owen BRONZE, Shoreline, Washington
Matt Owen BRONZE, Shoreline, Washington
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I remember it like it was yesterday, the first time I got into trouble in school. It didn’t take me long to achieve this, as a matter of fact it happened the first day of kindergarten. But in my defense it was not technically all my fault. I in fact tried to be good but sometimes things just do not go as you planned.

The first day of kindergarten, one of the happiest days of my life, started out great. I woke up at around 7:00 with plenty of time to kill since school started at 9:10. In that time I ate a usual nutritious breakfast of oatmeal and milk and then got dressed shortly after. This part I was extremely excited for since I had spent the last week planning out the optimal outfit for the first day of school. I wore a long tee shirt, jeans with holes in the jeans for that extra “tough” look and to top it off I had my snazzy moose backpack. The moose happened to be my favorite animal at the time. Finally at 9:00 my dad told me it was time to head down to school. I was out the door before he even finished his sentence.

Now if you have ever been to kindergarten you remember the first 30 minutes as extremely awkward. You don’t know what the rules are, you do not know anyone in your class and you have no idea what kind of personality the teacher has. Well I decided to play it safe. I was not going to talk to anyone unless they talked to me and I would only raise my hand if I were 100 % positive my answer was correct and I definitely would not get into any trouble.
Now like I said earlier sometimes things just do not go as planned. In this case the annoying little girl sitting across the room was the unplanned factor. I guess her plan must have been the exact opposite of mine because she would not stop talking. I am not even kidding you she talked the whole day. About halfway through the day I decided I needed to end this madness, and I was not going to do it nicely. Since she was sitting across the room I certainly could not do it verbally. So I looked for something around me that could be used as a projectile. Quickly, I realized that the pencil in my hand would be a perfect item for my task. I took it in my hand and targeted the girl across the room. Everything seemed to slow down. I muted the teacher and everybody else in the room. I remembered my baseball practice and how I should throw it. When I finally was awarded with the opportune moment without objects in the way of me to her. I put my hand up ready to hurl this pencil across the room. There was no turning back now. I pulled my arm back ready to end this nuisance once and for all.
As soon as I let it go I knew it was going dead on target. I watched my pencil hit her square on the eye and then came the ear-piercing shriek. Immediately after came the sobs and they continued on and on. The teacher went over and tried to console this little kindergartener but it was no use. I tried to sink into my chair to avoid the glares of my classmates but most of all the glare of my teacher. She obviously knew it was me who threw the pencil at this little girl so there was no use hiding. She walked over to me and told me to follow her. I slowly got up and followed my angry teacher out into the hallway.
After our little talk she made me go and apologize to the girl for what I had done. She also made me stay in for recess while all the other kids went out and enjoyed themselves in the nice sunny weather. My plan for the first day of school definitely did not go the way I wanted, but I learned a valuable lesson. If I wanted to have fun in school I had to be good it was as simple as that.
But one of the funniest things in this story is that this little girl’s name was Mackenzie and she ended up being in the same class as me all the way throughout elementary school, and she went to the same middle school and high school as me and she is one of my good friends. I guess it turns out that not all friendships start with “Hi, what’s your name?”

The author's comments:
This was a memoir I wrote for english about my kindergarten year.

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