February 24, 2010
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Kayla here… Not Kyle or Kaila just Kayla. You can tell people spell my name wrong a lot. Anyway I’m a cool type of girl. I’m stubborn and I love to joke around. I’m the type of person if everyone laughs about something I would still be laughing. That’s just me Kay’la Chanae.
People say I’m funny all thee time and they are right. I love to laugh. It’s apart of me that has to stay. There’s not a day that goes by that I’m not laughing. I’m a comedian. Well that’s at least what people tell me. But I really am. Laughing is one my most favorite traits.
One of the most special girls in my life is my best friend Dominique Morton. This girl right here is my homie. We go everywhere together. She is so funny, one of the most things I can remember her by is her smile. It’s so big and cheesy. She can always make me laugh. Dom is smart and will always have my back through anything. I will always love her for who she is because she would do the same.
For all you people out there that don’t know, I love to eat. Well now you know. I eat everyday, food makes me feel whole inside. I can’t live without it. I can eat for hours and hours. Hey that’s just me. Food is one of my priorities. All my friends know how I am, and they except me as I am. My mom always says that as I get older the weight will catch up to me but I don’t listen I justkeep eating. That’s just me Kay’la Charae.

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