Dream, Dream Away

February 24, 2010
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Dream, Dream Away
What’s there to say? At times, it seems like I think I’m the only normal one in my family. At school, I’m so shy, but smart, well that’s what they tell me. But do you really know what I’m about?
My name, it depends on who you are, and who you are, means what you get to call me. Teachers know me as the shy, but smart Olivia Diann. Friends, it can differ between Olivia, Livi, and Liv, and they know me, and they know me as the weirdest friend they’ve know. My family, calls me whatever, and I’m known as a kid with” Middle School Syndrome.”
My style, well I really don’t have “definite style”. It’s more of a mix of all different scenes. I take the Goth part of my style from Amanda, the more preppy, and normal from Emily. The only part of my style, I guess I get it from me. My part in my style is wear whatever; wear it with it with pride.

The three sister of Olivia, first, comes the 18-year-old Amanda, who has Asperger’s makes it, hard for her to have physical contact, there’s only one teacher that I know she’s hugged, she has trouble keeping organized, and all the teachers she’s had say” Amanda is smart, she just doesn’t put forth enough effort. This is what Amanda is not, she’s not retarded, she’s not slow, she so intelligent, but doesn’t put forth effort. Amanda sometimes though does stupid things like she did in fall of’09 up at the High School. She decided to light a piece of toilet paper on fire, and two girls walked in, and caught her. She now has 6 months, of probation, and must stay in the same house. Second, comes the 11 year old. Emily has a learning disability. She has problems learning math, English, and all the other subjects. Lastly, the 10 year old, Caroline, aka Rosie. She has ADHD. She has problems with paying attention, and hyperness. But, they’re all my sisters, despite their quirks.

A trait that apparently I have, is being a dreamer, it seems like me, but I’m still not sure. At times, it seems like I’m Alice in Wonderland, existing in her own little world, while another goes on without her. At times, my life is a nightmare, and I want my life to end, but if I have people supporting me, I am a dreamer, making things happen one by one.

I can’t tell you that my mother’s, and father’s relationship is the” mommy stays home, and daddy goes to work.” It’s more of a bicker back, and forth of who has the better job, education, and so on. Fight’s that have erupted in them ripping each other’s shirt. Their relationship is like a bipolar child, calm, one minute, and next smashing things into pieces. My parents have both had troubled childhoods. It’s really something when you can say you love each other, than the next yelling at them for their imperfections. Everybody says their parents are like that, but it’s another thing when two people have come from troubled pasts, and they get married, and have three kids. My dad, the military guru, expects everything to be immaculately cleaned. My mom, the one who was used to having things messy. It’s something to watch; you don’t know what to do. But, I try to calm it, and that’s all I can do at the moment.
My life is so hectic, but it’s my life, and I love the quirks, and weirdness, randomness that make it mine.

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cubs4397 said...
Mar. 15, 2010 at 3:26 pm
I really liked it. I thought you did a great job :)
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