I Am Allison

February 24, 2010
By alleykat1995 GOLD, Linden, Pennsylvania
alleykat1995 GOLD, Linden, Pennsylvania
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I am Allison Dee. I have come to know that even though I want everything to go my way, it doesn’t. I fight a battle everyday of people trying to change me, but I fight back; that’s one thing that goes my way. I was put on this earth for a reason, and I really don’t think I was put here to please everyone. I wish people would just leave me alone and let me live my life how I want to live it, and stop trying to control me!

I’m 14 years old and I have more problems than can count. I live in a home where no one understands me. All of them think they are perfect and I don’t meet to their standards. The only person in my house I can trust is my mom; she was always on my side even when I was wrong. On the other hand my dad left when I was only four, which was a life-changing experience for me. I always wondered how someone that is supposed to be a man, can leave his wife with three kids to take care of? I feel that there is a piece of my heart missing because I don’t have a dad. Which takes us to our next topic.

I never really understood why but it seemed like I always needed to have a boyfriend or I might die. I would go from guy to guy and I got hurt every time. I’ve been in love before and he hurt me too. He just took my heart and played with it like a video game. I cut myself so many times because of guys and I hate the scars because even though I like scars, not these ones. They all have ugly, stupid, pointless stories, which make me remember the pain I've been through.

Sometimes I feel alone, even though I have more friends than a lot of people, the most important friend being AaliahRai. This girl is my life, its like we were meant to be sisters but God made a mistake. No matter what I need to talk about she’s there for me. Also, we’ve had our little fights and our big one, but those were the worst days of my life. I tried to act like I didn’t care that I didn’t have my Cha Chi Ah (Aaliah) to talk to, but I was dying inside. I really don’t even know how I stand being away from her, because the only time I feel happy is when I'm with her.

Ok now things I love to do are ride four-wheelers and swim. I also dance and sing. I’ve dances for only a year at Cooley Dance Company. I take hip-hop on Wednesday for an hour, on Thursday I help with little kids tap and ballet for an hour then I do Jazz and Tap for and hour each. Some people say that I sing well, some are mean, but I think I sing good. I love to sing no matter how I sound.

My dream in life is to be a forensic scientist. I go to school early everyday so I can get ahead so I have good grades. Even though some people are as dumb as a dog, I try to help them. Also when the work gets hard I wish the desk would grow leg and run away. I do all my work and try my hardest. I made honor roll for the first time in my life and I was so proud of myself.

So this is I and no one can change me but me. I’m here for the ride we all call life to do what I want. I live to the fullest and have fun, so people think I’m very ambitious. My motto is live life, have fun, and never regret anything!

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