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February 24, 2010
By Carl13 SILVER, Williamsport, Pennsylvania
Carl13 SILVER, Williamsport, Pennsylvania
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February 23, 2010

Who’s Curtis?
Why do people judge people by how they look or what they do? Hi, my name is Curtis and before you judge me, you need to know more about me.
There are a lot of reasons not to judge me. For instance, some things I like to do are play basketball. I like playing basketball, because it’s my favorite sport. It’s my favorite sport because I like to be active, and play with my friends. Another is, I like to watch football. I like watching football because I have a favorite team. My favorite team is the Philadelphia Eagles. The final thing I like to do is play my PSP. I like playing the PSP because it’s portable, you can take it anywhere, and I like playing video games.
There are more reasons not to judge me. For example, my favorite movie is Stomp the Yard. I like that movie because I like dancing movies. Also, I like Paranormal Activity. I like that movie because I like scary movies. Finally, another movie I like to watch is Blood and Bones. I like this movie because I like to watch action movies. If I watch romantic movies I get bored.
Finally, there are some more reasons not to judge me. For instance, what I like about school is I like TGIF. I like it because I like open gym. Also, I like dance, because I like to dance. Finally, I like gym class. I like gym class because I like to do active stuff.
Here are some reasons not to judge me by the way I look or what I do.

The author's comments:
I like Playing b-ball

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