The Gulch

February 23, 2010
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The Gulch

The gulch seemed a million miles wide, but I knew I could do it. I could and would cross that gulch. Patrick was the first to cross. He was brave and fearless, unlike me. I always wished I could be like one of those action characters in movies I saw; to be fearless, brave, and confident. Patrick hooked himself to the steel rope that was attached to a tree on one side and one on the other, and started pulling himself across. To Patrick, pulling himself across was like being in a tug of war match with no one on the other side of the rope. He got to the other side with no problem what so ever. He unhooked himself, took off his gear and slid it back to us.

Next was Toby, he was brave too but was deathly afraid of heights. Toby got the gear on and hooked himself on to the steel rope. He started to cross, but at the speed of a turtle and his grip around the rope was so tight that his knuckles turned white. That made me feel better, to know that even a tough guy like Toby can get nervous. Eventually though, after what seemed hours, he made it to the other side. Then he took the gear off and slid it back.

Then it was Jack’s turn. Jack was just like Patrick, except for the fact that he was from the city so he didn’t even know what a gulch was. He first put on the the gear backwards so it took him a little extra time to start going across. He eventually got the gear on and was about to start going across when a counselor stopped him. He forgot to hook himself to the rope. When he did hook himself to the rope, he zoomed across the gulch. He took it off the gear and slid it back, and then it hit me. It was my turn.

I had so many butterflies, that it felt like my stomach would explode. But I knew I could do it, I knew I could and would cross that gulch. I put each leg, left then right, into the harness and then hooked myself to the steel rope. I started to cross. I wasn’t afraid of heights like Toby, but when I looked down at that muddy rocky gulch bottom, I knew how Toby felt. I felt like if I don’t get my butt across that gulch now I’m going to die. Unlike Toby though, that fear of the height I was at only made me go faster. I zipped along like a cat being chased from a dog. I made to the other side and quickly unhooked myself. I had done it. I had crossed the gulch and when looked back, it seemed like a small crack in the ground.

“How was it?” asked Patrick, giving me a slap on the back.

“It was pretty cool.” I answered.

“Good. Now we just have to go back.” And with that, all I could say was:

“Let’s go.”

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