All for Five

February 23, 2010
By , Yarmouth, ME
I swayed the lift up and down. Looking forward and backwards. Taking in the entire area of this new trail. I turned around quickly as we headed into the trees. I even scanned the trees. Tall and lush. The sun was hid behind the trees so me and my dad were in shadows. The lift picked up speed. I was soaring through the air on the lift as my dad commented.

“I’ve got an idea” he bragged, “I’ll race you down the mountain.”

“Okay” I agree. “But, what does the winner get.”
He took a second to think. “Just bragging rights. I guess”

The lift was getting higher and higher. Do I want to race? I haven't in a while. Holding in my speed. I chuckled. “Your on!”

There is no way I’m losing to my old man.

“Lets up the anti” I argue. “Winner gets five bucks”

“Hmm. I don’t know. Five bucks in a lot to anti. Deal”

We shook. I laid back on the lift. We were coming up fast to the peak. The mountain owners were making snow. The wind carried it up and was as high as we were. I put on my goggles as we went through sparkly snow.

When we got to the lift end. I pulled the tip of my board up and landed perfectly. I slid down the small hill leading to where I put my bindings on. The end of the small hill had to be cleared fast so I shoved my foot in the snow and pushed away, so that the people next could get off the lift easy. I slid farther until I was at the perfect position to sit and put my bindings on.

I sat down and quickly clicked my bindings in. I slid the rigid part through the teeth. I took a few seconds to take a breath. Then jumped up and stayed up until my dad was on his feet.

“Alright, ready” I yelled.

He nodded. He usually didn’t talk between when he got off the lift to the bottom of the hill. I started to slide down the mountain. I went toe side so I could turn heel side and pick up speed. I went heel side and dropped 25 feet arcing around a tree.

After getting off that face I had to go toe side because the trail turned right. My board was chattering as my board slid to an ice patch. Up ahead I could see dangerous moguls. My dad was right on my tail catching up fast. I had to stay level to catch up speed and get up a small hill with speed. I crouched down and slid down the hill to pick up speed a glide up a bigger hill. I could just see the moguls as my dad flew by me. Snow kicked up behind him and hit me in the face.

I had to lift up at the right time to pick up the right amount of speed. I crouched farther down and headed down the side of the mountain. I was going fast. But my dad was going faster. I the moguls were coming up fast. I could just see over a hill when I saw moguls I didn’t see before. I had to carve across the moguls. Jumping off some. Making sure not to stop.

I was getting a headache. I couldn’t look ahead because I could easily fall. Wait. I realized I don’t have five bucks. I had to get out of the moguls. One mogul lead to the left side of the trail. Mogul free. I took the mogul and banked left. It was a straight drop down. At least 10 feet. I had to jump. I crouched down a jumped right as I came face to face with the ledge. I Jumped. Higher then I ever had before. I looked down. I was falling. Snow was kicking off my board. I had to look away from the ground to protect my eyes. They were burning with light.

I stayed close to my board staying level. I pounded to the ground putting major force on my legs. I almost tipped backwards, but stayed up long enough. I jerked forward and kept on going. I was on the tip of my board and was falling forward. I could see the lifts. The end was right ahead, but my dad was nowhere. I leaned back leveling the board and crouched down far. I was flying. I board was turning out of control. I jerked to hard and I slipped on the ice. I rocketed towards the ice head first. I had enough time to push my arms out and land on them. I was a rag doll rolling farther and farther down the hill. Ice was covering my goggles so I was blinded. I was in the air now turning rapidly. I hit the ground hard, and finally stopped. I laid there for a moment in astonishment.

I had to get up or I would lose. I had and ache in my arm, but I still had to get up. I unbuckled myself and pushed hard enough for a boost. I stood up and crouched so that I could, buckle myself back in and speed up. By the time I had buckled myself back in I was ending my run. I ran my head through my hair and shrugged. My dad was looking for me unbuckled and off the board. He turned his head and looked at me.

My dad walked over to me and bragged: “So hows about them five bucks.”
I unbuckled myself and stood up. I was wiped out. Sweating like a dog I called. “Well, the thing is.” I stopped “I don’t have five bucks”

“We’ll you find a way” He hollered leaning against his board. Just like that I was working it off the next day.

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