I am a liar!

February 21, 2010
By Anonymous

I admit it. I am a liar. I lie, I lie a lot and I have no shame in it. I never truly develop a guilty concience after telling a lie. I lie, specilly to my parents. I lie to their faces and hide secrets behind their backs. My name is____, and I am a liar.

All my lies may not weigh me down, but I'm done carrying the burden all alone. Since my parents don'nt know I thought I should at least tell someone.

20 things my parents don't know!

1. I steal change from your coin collection.
2. I was the one who drank the entire margarita pitcher on Halloween.
3. I snuck out of the house once to just see if I was able to do it.
4. I've wondered if I was bi sexual a couple times.
5. I've been to a few parties where I have dranken and smoked weed.
6. I took a road trip with a friend that was over 4 hours away. We came home, driving on the highway at 3 in the morning.
7. I've had a party while you were out of town.
8. I've been home alone with a boy before.
9. I haven't gone to church when you thought I did.
10. I don't believe fully heartedly in God anymore.
11. I've stolen vodka from the alcohol cabinet.
12. I've been tanning even though you told me not to. For some reason you are oblivious to how black I am.
13. I'm "friends with benefits" with a guy and we've made out of many ocasions.
14. I cut myself way longer than I told you I did so you wouldnt send me to a shrink.
15. I've thought about committing suicide a couple times.
16. I jipped school and you never found out.
17. I'm partly anoreix.
18. I plan on getting a tattoo when I turn 18 no matter what.
19. I've been renting/watching rated movies since I was like 12.
20. I sometimes wonder if I truly love you.

I'm not who you think I am. I'm not the perfect innocent daughter you have pictured in your mind. I am me, a liar, and there is nothing you can do about it. You cannot change me and mold me into the child you wish I was. I will always do things behind your back and things you don't approve of. I am a liar and there is no changing that.

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