February 12, 2010
you know when you see a very hot girl in your school an every one like's her well she my superstar who ever new that she had my eyes on her but we all new she was not good for no one the way she moves u would think she was a movie star but no she no lady gaga but she dose play with your head no really she does i should know she played me it just a love game it's like her soul was mad out of ice she had a higher level then me . when i 1# saw her i was like dam who that new girl no one new her but every one what's her every day all the guy's woulud hit on her but i never did i new i was it good for her just look at me am not that good looking i went up on to her and said hi am joel "says hey baby what's up joel
" omg what you doing u got a bf "no i don't y u wanna go out " yea i do . that was dumb of me to say yes i new she would end up cheating on so we went out on a date i paid for everythind forget i did everything for her she was just useing me that was my superstar o well...

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new.hope said...
May 4, 2010 at 11:28 am

.i know how this goes. =[

.im so sorry noone deserves this.

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