my life

February 6, 2010
By Anonymous

Well when I was only 12 I had it good nice big house and pool and everything my mom was married to
my step dad for 8 years and my mom i had really long blonde hair and hazel eyes she is pretty and she was
was everything to him but when he found out that my mom had breast cancer and it messed up everything
they got a divorce and everything just went down hill and then i got to the point that i would where black
But before that had happen I was happy like to talk to people really but then I became sad,depressed,
mad all the time.I didnt relly care about who I hurt and what I did to people.Well the night before her
surgeree to make sure it was cancer her mom other wise known as my grandmother past away
me and her was really close I told her everything like we would stay up all night talking and she new
when something was wrong and I would be in my room all quiet and sad she would come in and
she would make me laugh so when she was gone I didnt know what to do I got to the point where
I started whering all black and listening to heavy metal and was like whatever and didnt listen
then I when I think that things cant get much worse I find out that my uncle Joey might be
going to prison for no reason people made up lies and said some stuff and me and him
talked we was close but we really didnt get to see each other but still he was my uncle so of corse
I was mad,sad and kinda ticked off about it cause i wouldnt get to see him for 9 years cause of
some stupid stuff and lotsand lots of lies but it happen and I couldnt do anything bout it
well i guess I was in a dark mood all the time and I couldnt take it well it got to me me then I thought
it was all my fault so I just stayed in my room all the time I didnt talk to anyone cause I looked at
it like why did it half to happen to me and I was really negative and then that was just the problems
on my mom side and my dad he was at work and my step mom left and i could careless about her
its just that they had a baby together and that was my half sister and i really miss her and i wont see
her until she is 18 because my step mom put a restraining order on my dad so he cant see her
and she would give us the phone number then she would change it just to be mean yeah of corse
i was mad and really just wanted to yell at her but i couldnt but the funny part was she took my
my DVD player and left all the cables and yeah my dad might be looking at jail time for some
stupid reason but im just sick of careing cause he had a good job and everything but one
dumb mistake can ruin every thing but even if stuff dose happen i know that he loves me
and nobodies perfect but im saying i told you what i been threw not to make you feel bad
or for me but i told you this to let you know that if you have a hard life dont sit around and feel bad
for your self and wonder why me like i did try to make the best of it and i know it will be hard to
but all i can say is to try not to be so mad and i no you feel like crap and your mad and really angry
but dont waste your time feeling sorry just try to look at the bright side and one more thing
dont look at all the stuff you dont have and negative things look at what you do have and try to be happy
please just try to have fun and be positive and look at the bright side if there is one and there something
good at some point in your life

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on Feb. 15 2010 at 11:16 am
xxThExxMisTAkExx BRONZE, Lakeland, Florida
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i sit hear alone and fogotten your love was all
i had now that it is gone i have nothing to live for

hey will you please comment this so i know what people think i didnt right this but it is touching


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