Memories of My Grandfather "Papa Henry" My Guardian Angel and Hero

February 5, 2010
By forbidenlove93 BRONZE, Pottersville, New Jersey
forbidenlove93 BRONZE, Pottersville, New Jersey
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Is it possible for someone that you loved so much and then passed away change your entire life? Well it happened to me on December 1, 2001 is when my entire life went down hill. I was only eight years old when this terrible event changed my life. December 1. 2001 is when my grandfather who I called Papa Henry passes away. My Papa Henry was not only my grandfather he was also my hero, the person I looked up to. I have many memories with him that I will never forget. Every year the emotions of missing him get worse. Today is December 1, 2009 and it’s been eight years without him in my life. I just don’t have the strength to hold back the tears anymore. When I cry I think of my Papa Henry and my grandma Mala and that I have to be strong for the both of them.

Both my grandpa and grandma were Holocaust survivors. When I think about my Papa Henry being a Holocaust survivor that’s what made him my hero. When he was alive he showed me how to be strong and he also made me believe in myself and that I could be strong with out him one day. My grandfather also told me that if you set your heart on something you could do it and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it when you know you can.

One day I sent my mom what I wrote about my grandpa (her father). She wrote this back to me “Sami, that is one of the most beautiful thing I have ever read in my life. Thank you for honoring Papa. He is in heaven “kvelling” (beaming with pride). He loved you more than life. Carry his strength, love, generosity, business sense, love of people, kindness (yet firmness), and absolute love in life! These will guide you to a wonderful life. Even though he lived through hell (the Holocaust) he chose to love life and people. It made him happy, laugh, dance, cry and appreciate every day on this earth! I love you so much. In so many ways you are like Papa.” My mom also sent me “ Do you remember what Papa used to call you in Yiddish? Well he called you; Mamala (little mamma), Shepsela (little sheep), Shana Madela (beautiful girl), Pupala (doll). He loved you so much and still does. So do I.”

We always regret living on this earth with out thinking of the people who went through much worse. What I learned from my grandfather is that everyone has pain but he showed me that he could still be happy, laugh, dance, and cry even thought his life had been so bad.

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