When I hit my dad in the a vacuum

February 3, 2010
By , Jamica Plain, MA
Respect is a value of how you treat somebody. This value is important to me because it’s a way in which people would like to be treated and how I would like to be treated to. It’s also a way that shows what kind of personality you have. When I was 3 years old I hit my dad with a vacuum and I didn’t respect his decision when he said stop.

One day it was only my dad and I in my house. My house was as small as a two classrooms. I asked him if he wanted to wrestle with me because I was bored. My dad said, “Yes but only for a while”. We wrestled for about an hour until the baseball game started. My dad said, “Ok that’s it, let me watch the game”. I guess I took what he said to me in a bad way.

I went to the closet because I was mad. My face was a tomato because it was so red. I started to think. I needed an idea to what I was going to play next, when I smiled. I saw the vacuum. The vacuum was tall and black with a red spot on it. It had a black stick on the side of it. The stick was long. I grabbed the vacuum. It was hard to grab. I could barely pick it up. I ran to my dad like I was in a war about to kill my enemy, when I hit my dad in the side if his forehead. When I hit my dad in the forehead it made a big sound “BOOM”. It sounded like a car crash.

When I hit my dad he said “M***** tu ta como loca”. I just looked at him with a blank expression. I was confused. He rubbed his face but no blood came down. After two minutes passed when he felt something coming down his face he rubbed it again and blood came down. It was dripping like a waterfall.

My dad and I rushed to the emergency room. After he got stitches in his forehead we went home. I told my dad “ Daddy are you mad at me”. My dad said, “ No but what am I going to do with you?” After a couple of hours we went to bed until the next day.

I believed in respect. I learned more respect from this event. It made me relieve its definition. This is what I believe in.

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