February 1, 2010
By , Cincinnati, OH
Think back to your childhood. Do you recall one face that left footprints on your heart? Well, I can. His name was (and is) Steven. He was my first friend, my classmate, and my first kiss(unofficially). However, when my family moved out of town, my friendship with him dwindled. As I continued growing up, my thoughts about him never faded. I once spent three hours searching through dusty boxes in my basement, yearning to find a picture of Stevie and me. I discovered one of us, standing side by side, hand in hand, chocolate syrup stained on our shirts. When we visited each other as we grew,I would feel relieved, especially when he would dress up in my Snow White dress and I would dress up in his Power Ranger costume. After five years of having no contact with Steven, I suddenly have been thinking a lot about him. I recently received a Christmas card from his family and he looked miserable. I mean what 17-year old has a mustache and beard? I know what your thinking: Stevie must be a real freak. So now you're probably thinking that I'm an even bigger freak, right? Actually, I'm just a lonely teenager and seeing his lack of shaving sends me a message: He must feel more than I do. If only I could reach out and hold Stevie's hand once more.

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Vanessa C. said...
Feb. 8, 2010 at 7:50 pm
What! It's a freaking Christmas card! I mean I'd look miserable to if I was forced to pose for a Christmas portrait. Besides what's stopping you from contacting him? If you're so lonely you should do something about it than just reminiscing.
Isawyouyesterday replied...
Mar. 13, 2010 at 2:52 pm
I dont want to contact him I just feel connected with him still because he was my first childhood friend if you can understand that.
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