The Barrier

January 30, 2010
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“No I can’t do it.”

She was out the pouring rain, separated and desolated between a physical barrier. Many helping hands reached, many voices encouraged, yet she stood in the other side by herself. She shook her head, her heart was faint. She tried to cross it a couple of times but continued to fail. Therefore, she gave up, wanting to be in the other side, but isn’t able to go through the obstacle ahead of her.

As time continued ticking, the rain grew harder and harder as the cold air caused her to shiver.

“You could do it!” A voice yelled and continued to yell without fail.

He reached, he voiced out and he was willing to help in many ways. But it was really up to her. Will she trust him? Fear gripped her, as she shook her head again and said these words with a cracked voice, “No, I can’t. I’m sorry.”

Not willing to give up, he himself crossed the barrier. Now by her side, he hoped she’d trust him more. To his dismay, the more she pulled back, carrying a sense of guilt that he sacrificed his comfort zone to help her.

“There is another way in the other side,” Another informed, “But the way is long and dangerous, will you go?”

Knowing that there is no other way, both of them nodded and went to their way. The rain still continued to fall, drenching both of them completely wet. The every step she took, the more guilt she felt. So to relieve the emotional burden she said, “I’m sorry.”

He shook his head, “It’s okay. But next time, overcome that barrier.”

“But I can’t.”

“Yes you can.”

She bit her lip, shivering again, walking by his side. Then he started running, urging her to run with him too. Knowing she owed him, she ran with him with no complaints until exhaustion came to her. He urged her again, and she said, “I can’t.”

He let out a smile, a pat in the head as they both continued, much more slowly than before. He understood what she felt. When they finally reached to the entrance on the other side, she thought inside.

If she just had exerted more effort,

If she just hadn’t gave up so early,

If she just trusted him a little more…then she would have been in the other side in no time.

A soft smile escaped her lips in the realization, and instead of saying ‘I’m sorry’ many times just to relieve her guilt…

“Thank you.”

…she knew he taught her something that she’ll cherish for a life time.

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