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January 25, 2010
By , Flower Mound, TX
The world turned cold, as the creeping of twilight came to haunt him. the smiles grew frowns as rain became blood, dripping to my hand, smothering them. The life he owned recieved betrayal; his demon, his evil successor thrusted his dagger in him ending the essence of his remains. My heart beat fast for his unidentified body, this body that held his spirit. As strong as it was, it weakened to nothing.
The winter chill whiscked through the air, as the dew drops and tears fell from their source. The closk was ticking down, each second lost, another one stained to me. The corruption had begun, it invaded her, stripping away all the mystery and glow, she once embraced. Drip....Drip.... Gasp.... Gasp.... and like that she was gone.
They say, death is a natural phenomenon, what goes up must come down. Through his murder and her death, I've come to realize we only have one life to live. As i lost each of them, I found I needed reconcile within myself. The rain had passed, the chills had gone, and i was alone in the regret and sadness left behind. Blood stained to my hands and the residue of death stuck to me forever, and an eternity left to find.

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