a little hope goes along way

January 7, 2010
By Anonymous

For all events an impression impacts the course of life for the human race. Part of adapting to life however is over coming the small and large events which collectively help self define all who exist.

It was a cold day in winter, the sun was barley visible through the gray clouds which seemed to be flowing in from the north. School had just gotten out for winter break, and with a sigh of relief I walked off the bus. It was a long walk to the end of the street and an even further walk across the corn field to reach my aunts house.
The wind was picking up, lightly moving my scarf around my neck; i pulled out my ipod and slipped on the blue head phones. Adjusting the cord I began thumbing through the long list of music finally settling upon Kenny Chesney: Life Is Good.
Music began to gently slip into my ears and all seemed fine with the world. Then having to make a sharp left to enter the corn field I caught a glimpse of a young man who moments ago had been sitting on his front porch. Looking over my shoulder I noticed him quicken his pace. Panicking slightly I turned off my ipod to listen more intently to his foot steps.
Everything seemed to be quiet but fear kept me from turning around to see if he was still there. Then everything seemed to happen at once; a hand clamped around my mouth, my ipod fell to the ground, and I was dragged into an old barn right across my aunt’s house.
Struggling to get free I elbowed him in the ribs, instead of releasing me his grip tightened. Roughly throwing me to the ground dirt filled my mouth I chocked to breath. “Get up and I’ll do much worse” he spat at me. Lying there tears streaming down my face, I knew what was coming next he loosened his belt and began to come at me. Thinking quickly I crawled to the toward the barn window collapsing in the only sliver of light.
Smiling he approached and pinned me down. Then silencing me with a forced kiss he took away what did not belong to him. I held myself shaking and sobbing in the dark after he had left. My body was bruised from being hit repeatedly and as I stared into space I slipped into unconsciousness.
Awaking days later i listened intently again this time to the police officer. “It was dark but is there anything you remember about him?”. Looking up I described the young man with perfect clarity having memorized his face in the dwindling light of the barn.
He would be arrested a month later seducing a fifteen year old girl in an ally way. It was being raped at the age of twelve that provided me with the desire to always want to see the good in people.

Mainly because there many things in life which you have no control over, and as difficult as it is I can say that it’s these inconsequential events which impact ones soul greatly. In the words of Kenny Chesney “Someday girl, this old world will try to beat you up”, but not all people are bad.

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