January 21, 2010
I have been thinking and we are all growing up. I've looked back on so many memories and have come to realize that we have changed. Some have changed for the better but others for the worst. College is near and we shall be adults fairly soon but I will forever look back on memories. Memories of when I could have fun with friends without partying and getting messed up. Memories of when having a good time was just goofing off watching youtube videos. Memories of when bedtime was at a decent time instead of whenever we choose. It's kind of sad how when our parents controlled our lives that some of us were better off. Some memories consist of all the drama of who's breaking up and who's not but compared to the worries of today I would so prefer those days. I have memories of when my biggest problem of the day was doing my spelling words in ABC order. Things are so different now. Even though my memories have faded and new ones are forming I thank the friends who have truly impacted my life. I thank them for what they have done they have showed me that even through struggles and the tasks of growing up that we still have the abilities to be young. I thank those who through all my trials stood by me through it all. I just want to remember those friends who in the end said "hey man we had good times". I'm not saying that a lot of the people I knew in the past have changed in bad ways I'm just stating that I wish my memories were as good as they were from back in the day.

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