Who Doesn't Like School?...Me

January 24, 2010
By Anonymous

I remember just dreading that day to come. I had begged my mother time and time again that I did not want to go. I did not want to go at all, and every time I thought about it my heart skipped a beat. It was just something that I never wanted to do. It was…my first day of high school. Actually when I was in eighth grade I did not care about going to high school. I knew that every eighth grader has to graduate and move on with life. But what I hated was that my mother had forced me to go to this school where I had no friends, no family, no nothing. She said that ------ was a good school for me, where I could do well academically. Little did she know that I also needed friends in order to support me emotionally.
Well the day came. I woke up at 6 A.M. anxious to get this day over with. I knew school started at 8:41 but I was unable to sleep the night before anyway. I got up took my time putting on those ugly navy blue pants and that stupid white polo shirt. We just HAD to wear uniform, unlike many other high schools.
The first thing I remember about school is going and not knowing where the heck I was supposed to go. There was a sophomore who seemed nice and I asked her. She told me all freshmen were supposed to go to the lunchroom. I went in there and I was terrified. I saw a whole bunch of different faces and only recognized a few from freshmen orientation. I went and sat down in the first empty seat I saw and just waited to get my schedule. How I hated that day.
Later I saw this girl that I knew since childhood. I was so glad I saw her because that whole morning I had nobody to talk to. Apparently she knew some of the sophomores and she was talking to them and I had nothing else to do but to follow her like a lost puppy. I actually felt stupid just following some girl that I had not talked to since I was 8, but there was nothing else I could do because I knew NOBODY else. None of my friends from grammar school had came to this school. I just felt like such a pathetic loser coming to this school all alone.
The day went by very slowly. The worst part was that I was on my period and I didn’t know where none of the bathrooms were. I would have to ask some random upperclassmen or the security guards. I really hate not knowing something and therefore felt dumb every time I asked somebody “where is the bathroom?” or “where is Mr. A-------’s room?” I just couldn’t stand that. I was unable to manage those 4 minutes in between class and I constantly thought to myself “how in the world am I going to be able to go from the first floor to the third in less than four minutes?” That day was one of the most frustrating and annoying days of my life.
I remember lunch time came and I had nobody to sit with to eat that disgusting pizza. I sat with some Hispanics and they were pretty nice, but I still felt uncomfortable. Whenever they asked me something I felt my throat choke up so I gave them short answers. They probably thought I was a snob or that I thought I was too good for them.
Too me, the rest of the day was a blur. I went to my classes for 46 minutes (which by the way I thought was an awkward timing) and then scurried frantically to my next boring class. I met some people, but I had no intention of befriending them. The whole day I only thought about getting home and crying because I felt like crap in that school. I imagined my friends having the time of their lives on their first day of school, while I suffered at ------ without any friends or attention.

The author's comments:
I was inspired to write this becasue I always remember my first day of high school. That day was one of the worst days of my life and will never be forgotten.

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